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LanguageWire acquires Xplanation becoming a leading provider of multilingual content services

LanguageWire + Xplanation

Copenhagen, Wednesday, 31 October 2018: The Danish multilingual content provider LanguageWire has acquired Xplanation, a world-leading language services provider headquartered in Belgium. Together, the two companies form a technology-driven global player that is perfectly suited to the growing demands of global brands. The ambition is to become the world's leading multilingual content provider.

“We are experiencing rising demand from global B2B and B2C companies for content tailored to local markets. They have the massive challenge of rolling out content simultaneously in multiple languages across all channels,” says LanguageWire's CEO and founder, Henrik Lottrup, who continues as CEO. “By joining forces with Xplanation, we can offer an even broader palette of innovative and user-friendly solutions, giving global brands the ability to communicate effectively with their customers." 

LanguageWire moves into the US and Asia
With the acquisition of Xplanation, LanguageWire, which has so far focused on the European market, has increased its global presence with offices in the US and Asia. Following the acquisition, the company’s headcount rises to approximately 350 employees in 19 offices across 13 countries. In addition, the network of freelance translators and language experts increases from 5,000 to 7,000.

LanguageWire and Xplanation’s core markets and industry knowledge complement each other well, creating a stronger offering for existing and potential customers. The combined customer portfolio of 3,000+ customers will be better served through a broader product and service portfolio. The company continues under the LanguageWire name, and the development of unique technologies remains at the centre.

“We are a good match, and I look forward to developing new solutions in close cooperation with our customers, which include some of the biggest brands in the world. Our mission is simple: we want to create a world where language doesn’t hold companies back from reaching their full global potential,” says Véronique Özkaya, CEO at Xplanation.

The digital explosion creates an enormous need for content
LanguageWire and Xplanation were founded in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Both companies have experienced how globalisation and the increasing number of digital users and channels have created a massive need for content in multiple languages. At the same time, they also see increasing demand from global companies for expert advice on how to handle and streamline content production.

“A global company that launches a new product today has a website, 3-4 social channels, and a bunch of sales materials that need to be ready simultaneously in 20 languages. LanguageWire has a market-leading platform that enables us to retrieve, translate, and deliver all kinds of content directly into customer systems. This automation frees up time and resources and increases quality by reducing the risk for error. In other words, we have streamlined the entire content creation process,” says Henrik Lottrup.

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About LanguageWire
Since 2000, LanguageWire has built a reputation for delivering quality multilingual content and superior technology solutions. Today, we enjoy a leading position amongst language service providers worldwide. When using LanguageWire’s online platform, customers have access to a global network of over 5,000 language experts, including translators, proofreaders, copywriters, DTP engineers and voiceover artists. In short, LanguageWire helps businesses reach their global audience by speaking their language.

About Xplanation
Xplanation is a global translation provider that believes in simplifying the localization process to provide customizable solutions to global brands across a variety of industry sectors. For almost 20 years it has invested in innovative technology and talent to ensure that multinational companies and institutions can engage with their customers and colleagues effortlessly, regardless of their language or culture. The company is headquartered in Belgium with offices in eleven countries.