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How Aggreko strengthens their global message with LanguageWire's Sitecore connector

Aggreko is a world-leading supplier of temporary power generation and temperature control equipment. In total, Aggreko has nine business lines covering industries such as events, oil & gas, mining, petrochemical & refining, temperature control, and utilities. In 2017, Aggreko launched an initiative to improve their business performance. One key priority was to improve and increase Aggreko’s digital global audience reach with the rollout of a redesigned multilingual website.

"Translating our website into so many languages is a hugely complex project, especially when carrying the critical objective of translating in line with Aggreko’s core values as well as our desired tone of voice..."
Dave Palmer,
Head of Group Marketing, Aggreko

The Challenge

In Aggreko’s case, one challenge turned out to be the manual content management process, which was both time-consuming and expensive. Combined with the ambition of creating a new and improved global website with the correct tone of voice, translation style, and terminology, Aggreko was in a challenging situation. On the verge of giving up on an automated content workflow process, they decided to search the market for a supplier with the right capabilities and product.


The Solution

Together, LanguageWire and Aggreko created a solution that combines high-quality translations and value-add technologies. Aggreko handpicked industry-specialist translators to ensure top-quality translations using the correct style and terminology. 

Aggreko uses Sitecore as their content management system (CMS) for their website, so LanguageWire integrated a dedicated Sitecore translation connector. With the connector, Aggreko’s editors can work directly in Sitecore with a familiar interface. Additionally, content that has been translated by LanguageWire and  validated by Aggreko is automatically pushed back into Sitecore through the connector, creating new language versions of the website. 

The Sitecore connector automates the whole translation process, saving time and money. Aggreko trusts that the right messages are published in all languages by professionals with the required knowledge and understanding. On a practical level, Aggreko can create multilingual versions of website content without manual copy-and-paste. Website rollouts are more efficient than ever.

LanguageWire Sitecore Connector

The LanguageWire Sitecore Connector gives you a direct and automatic link between your Sitecore solution and LanguageWire. Simply send your texts to be  translated directly from Sitecore. When they’re ready, you automatically receive them back in your CMS, where you can approve and publish the translations  immediately. You’ll be free of extra exporting importing and time-consuming copy-paste work by managing translations from within Sitecore. 

Here’s a run-down of some major benefits to be gained from translation integration and automation with a LanguageWire Sitecore Connector:

  • Shorten your time-to-market
  • Avoid annoying copy-paste errors
  • Simplify multilingual content creation workflows
  • Free up resources and reduce costs
  • Centralise translation and keep an overview
  • Added security via HTTPS encrypted data transfer
  • Standard Sitecore package that’s easy to install

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