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How Aritco uses LanguageWire Translate to lift their efficiency on multilingual content production

Aritco is an award-winning manufacturer of platform lifts, supplying lifts for both private homes as well as commercial and public buildings.

Since its founding in Kungsängen, Sweden in 1995, Aritco has grown from a small team of four entrepreneurs in a living room to a 16,000 sqm factory just outside Stockholm. Today, Aritco has locations across the globe from the UK to China; and produces more than 4,000 lifts a year which are sold through its 170+ distributors in 40+ countries.

The Challenge

For Aritco, the unique challenge they faced with content production was not one they felt they had until discovering a solution for it in LanguageWire Translate; because it wasn’t a unique challenge, it was business as usual. Previously, the Aritco marketing team’s dedication to the quality and consistency of their brand communications across all channels always meant spending the same kind of time, effort, back & forth on translating small or ad hoc projects, as with big campaigns. 

“We had a lot of manual handling on shorter translation jobs, which we saw an opportunity to minimise”

Lori Ehn,
Marketing Manager,
Aritco Group

Ad hoc multilingual content for sales presentations, quotes, emails, social media posts, and invitations demand the same care and attention to the quality of the final product of translation, as with major projects like technical manuals and brochures. But Aritco wanted to reduce the amount of time and effort required to project manage these tasks and boost the team’s working efficiency while delivering the same quality results.

The LanguageWire Translate solution

With LanguageWire Translate, Aritco has an AI-driven and secure instant translation solution that they use to replace the workload of each team member — with regards to hours’ worth of project management work, waiting, and back & forth quality assurance communications for translations — with instant results that can be quickly proofed by a native-speaking colleague.

On top of LanguageWire Translate’s strong foundation of machine learning and security, Aritco’s solution is plugged directly into their existing Translation Memory so that their instant translations are not only highly accurate, but reflect their brand’s existing language. With this added layer of quality on top of the existing speed and security that LanguageWire Translate provides, Aritco’s team members now have the power to produce smaller multilingual content with more independence and efficiency than ever before.

”We save a lot of time on short translations as we can get a good translation right away that requires minimal proofreading, in a fraction of the time it used to take.”

Lori Ehn,
Marketing Manager,
Aritco Group

In addition to the time saved, and the confidence gained, from using LanguageWire Translate; Aritco’s team has freed up resources to not only put more focus on the execution of the most important work they do, but expand the number of languages they produce short-form content in for things like event invitations and social media posts.

The result

icon more content More content in local language than ever before.
icon faster Faster time to market for shorter, ad hoc messaging, content, and campaigns.
icon effiency Increased efficiency through reduced manual handling.


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