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How Getinge translates into 33 languages

Worldwide, the Getinge Group ranks among the leading providers of washer-disinfectors and sterilizers within the healthcare and life sciences segments. Founded in 1904, Getinge Infection Control emphasises innovation and technological progress in the field of disinfection and sterilization.

"What differentiates LanguageWire is speed and value. Not only are they very responsive to our fast-changing requirements, but they are able to guide us through new processes and help us to gain efficiencies continuously."

Global Marketing Manager,
Getinge Group

The challenge

Prior to entering into a partnership with LanguageWire, Getinge created content which came from several divisions, using two source languages (U.S. English and Swedish) for the same product lines, which led to inconsistent terminology. In addition, web content was updated monthly and required translation into 13 languages.

Another challenge was user interface translation. Software displays in Getinge’s machines encountered text length restrictions, which limited the characters.


The solution

LanguageWire deployed a solution focussed on saving time, while increasing quality.

Together, LanguageWire and Getinge created a termbase to get consistent terminology and better translation memory quality. The list includes all of the frequently used terms in English and Swedish. Getinge agreed on the list as the basis for translation work going forward, eliminating time-consuming terminology questions.

To improve user interface translation, the LanguageWire team helped set up the entire process with everything from translation, revision, string length check and truncation to in-country review.

Getinge received the final content (which was adapted to each display menu or button) and was able to be imported to the software without further manual handling, saving time.

The results

With the CMS implementation for documentation, the typical translation cycle for larger manuals (40,000 words) was reduced by 30%, from six to four weeks. In addition, costs were reduced by as much as 45%, providing Getinge sufficient budget for translation into more languages.

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