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KALLER localised their website with a Connector solution

The Swedish-based company Strömsholmen AB is a leading brand when it comes to creating gas springs and gas hydraulic systems and has been around since 1876. They also own the brand KALLER, which excels in manufacturing reliable gas springs and gas hydraulic systems for tool and die makers, heavy-duty off-road vehicles and specialised industrial applications.

During the process of re-designing and localising their website they placed a tender on the market for a new multilingual content vendor. In the end, they decided to go with an Episerver and inRiver Connector combination solution by LanguageWire.

"We found ourselves correcting the same things over and over again due to the lack of translation memory, and realised that we needed to find a new company to help us out in the future."
Åse Afvander,
Marketing Manager, Strömsholmen AB

The Challenge

The need for translation appeared when KALLER launched a new-and-improved website in English and needed versions in Spanish, Chinese and more. Previously, Strömsholmen AB worked with another translation agency for their multilingual content needs, but their disappointing experience with the unstructured, back-and-forth process and shifting quality made it clear that they needed a streamlined and efficient process with a new vendor.

For the translation of KALLER’s website and marketing material, they began the process of finding a provider to take on the translation and the multilingual content challenge ahead and placed a tender on the market.


The Solution

After a traditional tender process with bids and pitches from several multilingual content providers, Strömsholmen chose to go with the package solution by LanguageWire with an Episerver and inRiver Connector.

The solution chosen for Strömsholmen combines their two systems, Episerver and inRiver within two custom-made connectors from LanguageWire. The customised solution required a detailed implementation process so LanguageWire was involved every step of the way to make sure things worked perfectly.

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