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How LanguageWire helped MAC Cosmetics grow employee participation and engagement rate on their eLearning platform

MAC Cosmetics is a global makeup brand owned by Estee Lauder Companies. It is known as an innovative and inclusive brand with products representing all ages, races and genders. 

Globally the brand has over 10.000 customer sales representatives or artists as they are called at MAC. The customer experience is particularly important to the brand as the customer group is inclusive, yet MAC wants each customer to feel welcome and understood when shopping at MAC. 

The focus on representation along with a wide array of products, evergreens and new launches, place a heavy demand on continuous training and upskilling for employees, which is why the company developed an eLearning app. 

We took a chat with Sophie Cash, Digital Education Manager at MAC for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, about the decision to place translating for the eLearning app with LanguageWire and the significance of translating and localizing content for training purposes. 

“For the people in the field, but also for me, it's been a game changer that allows us to put our time in to other projects and priorities.” Sophie Cash 

The Challenge  

Initially the participation and engagement rates on MAC’s eLearning app were unsatisfactory with completions rates as low as 20%.

Previously Sophie and her team used to do the translations themselves. This meant that content in the different languages ended up varying to a degree where the learning experience and outcome was inconsistent.

Additionally, the team spent way too much time and resources on the translations instead of on their core competencies.

“We had team members that should be out in the field doing store visits who were translating instead of developing.”

Sophie Cash,
Digital Education Manager

The Solution

The process of approving the translations is seamless, says Sophie, particularly due to the use of SmartEditor, which is quite unique. When the texts have been approved, Sophie and her team get the files back in a SCORM package that they can upload directly to their LMS and publish.

"It's been seamless. Absolutely amazing actually. It feels like we've always been doing it this way."

Sophie Cash,
Digital Education Manager

Sophie says she has gone from spending a majority of her time doing translation related work before using the services of LanguageWire to now only spending a small fraction of her time managing translated content. The same holds true for her team of trainers that have freed up around a quarter of their time. Sophie also praises LanguageWire on doing an excellent job of taking any questions about the content directly with the team that develops the material, so Sophie doesn’t have to spend time acting middleman the way she used to when they were translating everything in-house.

Also the in-house competencies didn’t cover as many languages as needed, which meant that employees in certain regions weren’t being upskilled sufficiently.

"Translating into Hindi for instance, which is the largest language in India, which is a big market for us, has made the learning experience for our employees in that region so much better. Overall everything is more local and personalized to each group of employees now"

Sophie Cash,
Digital Education Manager

The Results

Drastically improved completion rates of online training means upskilling employees of all regions to the same level

Translating is not only saving Sophie and her team a lot of valuable time and resources but has also made a big difference for a lot of employees at MAC.

With the help of LanguageWire MAC Cosmetics now translate their eLearning content into 15 different languages. Research shows that learning new skills in your native tongue helps you remember them much better than learning them in a second language and now all videos in the MAC eLearning app has the option of subtitles in the offered languages.

The results of translating and localizing learning content however have been nothing short of astonishing. Employee engagement was not reaching Regional & Global Targets in terms of online course. However today almost all employees are engaged with the app and completing modules, with many markets continually achieving over 80% completion.

The improved upskilling of their employees means that today all MAC Cosmetic’s artists have easy access to the required learning that helps them provide premium customer service across all regions and markets.

Translation and localization are now part of the DNA at MAC Cosmetics. 

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