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How AI and Human Expertise Transformed Translation Efficiency for NAVEX

NAVEX is a global leader in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), helping more than 13,000 companies around the world manage and mitigate risks with confidence. Its solutions holistically address employee engagement, risk management, and compliance health across the corporate risk and compliance program, promoting a culture that prioritises doing the right things right. NAVEX currently services eight different languages on its website, with an intent to provide as much localized content as possible to its many global employees and customers.

With a considerable – and quickly growing -- international audience, NAVEX was confronted with an accumulation of a large quantity of content in need of high-quality localization. While existing staff and manual translation workflows were unable to keep up, they decided to try the Neural Machine Translation (MT) solution from LanguageWire. They were overwhelmingly satisfied not only with the cutting-edge technology but also with its expert guidance.

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The challenge

To serve its growing base of international customers more fully, NAVEX wanted to build out its resource centre to make its thought leadership assets available and accessible to customers globally. These assets had grown exponentially over the years and had not yet been translated for all their audiences and local markets. The number of assets needing translation were primarily in French and German and included benchmark reports, blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, website copy, data sheets, and use cases – all of which needed to be localized and redesigned.

NAVEX’s long-term plans include expanding the asset translations to include the seven other languages served by their website: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, and Japanese. As such, finding an efficient solution to ensure consistent and accurate results was essential.

Existing processes and bandwidth constraints kept them from achieving this goal. While analysing the existing process with their Customer Success Manager from LanguageWire, they found the team navigated 24 steps from beginning to end of the localization process. The task seemed practically insurmountable within the given limitations. For example, they discovered the involvement of many stakeholders and complicated channels, requiring much manual work, such as cutting and pasting from different languages into the source documents and content platforms.

The solution

Eager to streamline its workflow and eliminate unnecessary manual steps, NAVEX decided to enhance its processes through artificial intelligence (AI) based machine translation. It maintained quality control through post-translation editing by having the translations validated within the company and using LanguageWire translators for additional proofreading needs.

Working in close collaboration with LanguageWire’s Customer Success Manager, NAVEX created a transformative workflow, which enhanced the speed at which content could be translated internally. Project managers and validators could now collaborate inside the LanguageWire platform and save time moving content through the translation process.

“After your team translated and designed our documents into Japanese, when we had it proofed, it came back with almost no edits. This project went so smoothly that we were able to get the translated assets on the market very shortly after LanguageWire finished them with no changes to the design or translations.”

Linda Meikle, Senior Manager for Content Marketing at NAVEX.

Once translated by the AI, the files were then automatically sent to internal validators so they could be reviewed and updated quickly and conveniently using the online SmartEditor tool.

Through the AI Terminology add-on to the NAVEX termbase, validators and project managers can further train the MT solution on the company lexicon to maintain a consistent tone of voice across all the localized assets. This ensures the final product meets NAVEX’s high-quality standards.

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LanguageWire truly partnered with us, understanding our business, and proposing a workflow to cut our process steps in half. The new process we put in place with AI translation and validation saves hours of work per week and our regular connections with the LanguageWire team makes this a productive partnership.”

Linda Meikle, Senior Manager for Content Marketing

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The results

In a short amount of time for NAVEX the results of the new workflow began to quickly speak for themselves. The localization process was greatly accelerated, significantly reducing the number of steps and manual processes. It transformed NAVEX’s way of working, accelerated operations, and allowed them to effectively clear its backlog of unlocalized assets.

This could not have been achieved without the use of AI Machine Translation technology. The speed at which content could be translated allowed resources to be freed for post-translation review and validation. So, the translated content was not only produced more quickly and efficiently by AI, but also at a higher quality. This was thanks to the neural terminology add-on to the translation management software which enabled validators to ensure the correct, business-focused terminology was always being used.

"One of the biggest benefits for us in using this more robust capability is for internal proofers to have access to the platform. This allows them to update the termbase so that the machine translation is learning from those corrections, creating a virtuous cycle of ever-more concise translations."

Linda Meikle, Senior Manager for Content Marketing at NAVEX.

The integration of AI, particularly the AI engine with neural terminology and translation memory enhancement, opened new horizons for NAVEX. The more the company engaged with this advanced technology, the more refined and accurate their translations became.

From customer success managers to translators and validators, the power of human expertise intertwined with LanguageWire’s cutting edge AI technologies has made NAVEX’s localization projects an immense success and that backlog a distant memory.

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