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How LanguageWire helped Optimizely (Episerver) scale up localisation from within their own CMS to boost marketing efficiency

Optimizely is a global software company providing an exhaustive digital experience platform that includes content management, commerce, personalisation and digital marketing tools that help companies get the insights and tools they need to create and optimise their customers’ digital experiences.

Since its founding in Sweden in 1994, Optimizely’s customer-centric approach has driven continual growth, resulting in its firm placement as an industry leader. Today, Optimizely has more than 1,100 employees based in 13 countries across 5 continents, delivering an award-winning experience on behalf of its worldwide customer base.

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Founded in Sweden

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The challenge

For Optimizely, rapid growth and expansion into new markets brought with it a number of unique challenges, especially when it came to localisation. Previously, the process for translating web content to German, Swedish and Norwegian was different for different markets. Some markets translated all content in-house, while others used a mix of different translation agencies. Growing markets and language requirements meant that the combination of using translation agencies and time-consuming manual translation was way too inefficient.

"As Optimizely has grown, so has our need to streamline our translation process."

Malin Carlsson,
Digital Marketing Manager

Optimizely wanted to find a means of integrating translation into their existing workflows and CMS while also upgrading the process. It was particularly important that they not only improve translation quality, but also the consistency in their communication and tone of voice. Therefore, collaborating with a leading translation technology partner was a top priority in their pursuit of a streamlined and scalable translation process.

The solution

Together, LanguageWire and Optimizely implemented a connector solution to provide a seamless integration between Optimizely’s CMS and LanguageWire’s language management ecosystem. This integration allows Optimizely to maintain a complete overview of their localisation efforts from start-to-finish, all within their preferred work environment. Furthermore, adding post-edited machine translation (PEMT) to content workflows has resulted in greater efficiency, whilst maintaining quality expectations.

“With LanguageWire, we have a better overview of translation projects.

Malin Carlsson,
Digital Marketing Manager

The Optimizely marketing team’s onboarding process involved reviewing, testing and handpicking a team of professional language experts with industry experience who were best suited to localise their content. This team quickly developed a deep understanding of Optimizely’s specific needs and goals in order to work side-by-side with them to deliver successful localisation projects.

“What makes a world of difference is the fact that our translators are hand-picked. We ‘know’ them and we can communicate with them directly.”

Malin Carlsson,
Digital Marketing Manager

The cooperation between Optimizely’s team and their team of language experts meant that on top of the overview of all translation projects they had gained through the Connector and LanguageWire’s language management ecosystem, they also had the ability to provide and receive feedback on their translations in order to continually improve quality and maintain a consistent brand voice across all languages, markets, channels and materials.

The results

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Integration with LanguageWire’s Connector for Optimizely’s preferred and homegrown CMS has exponentially improved the process of managing multilingual communication projects.

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A dedicated team of industry-specific language experts for improved results and confidence in the quality and consistency of brand content translations across all languages.

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Complete transparency with increased communication and service from LanguageWire’s project management and language expert teams for improved transparency and command of translation projects.

With LanguageWire’s Optimizely (Episerver) Connector and a team of dedicated language experts, Optimizely has boosted the efficiency of their marketing processes thanks to improved quality, cost-cutting and a reduced time-to-market. Scaling up localisation efforts from the comfort of their own tech stack, with a strong process for collaboration on translation projects, has led to an overall improvement in the experience of – and success with – creating multilingual content across languages and markets.

Optimizely (Episerver) Connector

Streamline multilingual content creation in Optimizely with an integrated solution that automates the translation process. Send your website—in part or in whole—for translation directly from Optimizely in just a few clicks.

Here is a rundown of some major benefits to be gained from translation integration and automation with the Connector:

  • Eliminate manual, time-consuming processes
  • Simplify multilingual content creation workflows
  • Access a network of more than 7,000 language experts
  • Centralise translation project management and improve transparency
  • Shorten your time-to-market
  • Reduce costs, resource consumption and errors


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