Do like WWF Denmark and streamline your proofing process, saving 30 % in resources alone

Proofreading documents is a time-consuming and often frustrating process where changes are sent back-and-forth in email, on paper sticky notes, and verbally. InLayout Editor from LanguageWire helped WWF Denmark streamline their proofing process, saving time when creating their quarterly magazine.

"We want to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature"
Communications & Fundraising Director,
WWF Denmark

The Challenge

Every few months WWF Denmark publishes a member’s magazine, which showcases their many projects all around the globe with in-depth articles and breath-taking visuals. The WWF Denmark team creates the content and provides images and afterwards, a group of freelance designers create the magazine layout.

Working with InDesign to layout the magazine can result in a frustrating proofing process, where many PDFs and comments are sent back and forth between the  designers and validators, making it easy for corrections to get lost in the process.


The Solution

To solve WWF Denmark's time-consuming and frustrating proofreading process, they started using the InLayout Editor tool from LanguageWire.

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