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Through LanguageWire's platform, Yamaha Music Europe optimised their content workflow and streamlined their processes

As a division within a major global brand, Yamaha Music Europe found it difficult to create consistent, on-brand content. To improve content consistency, Yamaha became a LanguageWire customer, moving away from relying solely on freelancers to implementing a streamlined content creation process. They use LanguageWire to cover their translation needs from legal documents and social media updates to newsletters and website content, optimising the workflow within their European division.

"We’re a division within a global corporation and we often have very short deadlines when it comes to localising content for each market within Europe”.
Sebastian Helgesson
Marketing Coordinator, Yamaha Music Europe

The Challenge

Before becoming a LanguageWire customer, Yamaha Music would use freelancers for their multilingual content translation jobs. They would receive an English text from the Japanese headquarters and then adapt the content for their platforms and channels. Even though the Scandinavian offices have plenty of native speakers, Yamaha saw a need for having professionals on the projects.

“To be honest, I don’t believe that the teams have the skills needed [within copywriting] and we most definitely don’t have the time to produce the multilingual content needed.”
– Sebastian Helgesson, Marketing Coordinator, Yamaha Music Europe

They also found that working with freelancers can be a complicated and straining process, due to pushed deadlines, lack of consistent quality and long response time. Yamaha needed a solution that they would be able to rely on and could deliver high-quality jobs on time.


The Solution

After realising the need for a streamlined and optimised multilingual content process, Yamaha Music Europe decided to become a LanguageWire customer. Yamaha Music Europe can keep up with the content coming in from headquarters because their team of preferred translators respond quickly, produce high-quality translations and are flexible. The process for handling content produced by headquarters began running smoothly, removing strain from the Yamaha Music Europe Marketing Team. The LanguageWire project management team assisted in creating the best possible setup within the platform. Yamaha translates a variety of content including legal documents, videos and social media content sheets.

“The project management team have been very proactive and reached out with comments, tips and suggestions whenever they saw a need for it.”
- Sebastian Helgesson, Marketing Coordinator, Yamaha Music Europe

After becoming a LanguageWire customer, Yamaha Music Europe was able to streamline their process, increasing productivity and consistency in their multilingual content.

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