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Collaborate with language experts from around the globe so your communication comes across crystal clear in every language. When you use LanguageWire, you'll have access to a full range of on-demand language services, including translation, proofreading, copywriting, DTP, voiceover and more.



Your text is converted from one language to another by a professional translator.
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Express Translation

We make use of our network of over 8,000 language experts to give you light-speed service.
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Creative Translation

A creative translator turns your texts into powerful, catchy copy for your local markets based off your brief and the source text.
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Sworn and Certified Translation

The LanguageWire team is on hand to demystify the world of sworn and certified translations.
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SEO and Website Translation

SEO specialists target your web content for maximum reach and higher ranking in search engines.
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e-Learning Translation

Create multilingual e-learning content that connects with your global team using a range of media.
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Writing & Proofreading

Proofreading of Translation

A professional proofreader checks grammar, spelling, punctuation and reviews translation quality.
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Text Editing

An expert takes a thorough look at your text, improving style and general readability.
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Expert copywriters produce compelling marketing, brand or promotional copy based on your brief.
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Proofreading of your text by a native proofreader who checks grammar, spelling and punctuation.
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Your own, in-house team reviews and approves content, checking brand consistency and messaging.
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Desktop Publishing

Multilingual DTP

Desktop publishing (DTP) experts produce online or offline documents using page layout and typography skills in the target language.
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Layout Check

Ensure your text is properly displayed in the final graphics file with a Layout Check.
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Technical Services

Translation Memory Management

Creation and maintenance of Translation Memories to save money, time and improve communication consistency.
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File Preparation

Preparation of your content so that language experts can work with it in an optimal way.
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Termbase Management

Creation and maintenance of Termbases to keep your terminology correct in all languages.
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Multimedia Localisation

Voiceover Localisation

Your current voiceover content is transcribed, translated, recorded in new languages, giving it voice in new languages.
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Meet some of the 8,000+ language experts on LanguageWire

Snorre Fjeldstad
Language Expert
Translation of technical and marketing related texts into Norwegian has been my profession and passion for more than 10 years.
Elin Nauri
Language Expert
I’m a translator of marketing copy, as well as political, social and environmenal content with over 10 years’ experience.
Ahmed Khedr
Language Expert
I'm an Arabic translator with over 7 years of experience. I specialize in legal, marketing and financial translation.
Yuko Tabe
Language Expert
I am a full-time translator specialized in the medical and pharmaceutical area with over 15 years' experience.
Naila Rami
Language Expert
I focus on delivering valuable content for technology-driven businesses and have over 10 years’ translation experience.
Ann Louise
Ann Louise
Language Expert
I have 10+ years of professional translation and editing experience, specialising in cosmetics, fashion, travel and tourism.
Laura Mitchell
Language Expert
I am a British native speaker and have been translating for 12 years, specialising in the fields of marketing, business, media and law.
Olga Gridneva
Language Expert
I’m a professional Russian linguist with 15-years’ experience who translates texts in the marketing, finance and technology sectors.
Francis Requena
Language Expert
I am a DTP specialist, designer and typographer and I have been working in the business for 24 years.

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