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Create high-quality visual content with DTP

It’s not enough to have the perfect words, you need to have the perfect layout too. Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) experts create visually rich print or digital documents in any language.

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Strengthen your brand with
professional DTP

A strong brand identity is important and DTP can help reinforce your brand. Studies show the most successful companies use 46–60 percent of their spend on brand building. When your company has a strong brand, you build trust in your market, improving the success of your lead generation campaigns. 

Source: Binet and Field

An eye-catching layout in any language

Translated texts expand and contract depending on the source or target language. For example, a text in German will end up longer than the same text in English and it’s difficult to split up words in Finnish because of the large number of consonants. Our DTP experts ensure your design looks good in every language.

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Localise your layout for local markets

Different markets have different requirements. Some languages are written from right to left, such as Hebrew and Arabic, so images and other media would need to be reversed in order to be accurate. You can also use different images in your layout so your content appeals to local markets.


Tell your DTP artist exactly what you need

Close collaboration is vital when creating quality visual content. Your DTP expert needs to understand your needs and any special requests you have for the layout. LanguageWire is built with collaboration in mind. We make it easy to contact your DTP expert directly - no need to communicate through your project manager.

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Improve quality with graphics and layout

We send a final version of your layout to your in-house reviewer or a professional translator. The reviewer compares the target document with the original, checks text flow and line breaks, and also ensures that text is displayed in full. Our InDesign proofreading tool makes it easy for your team to check the layout and add comments.

Tell your brand story with professional
desktop publishing

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Annual reports

The annual report is one of the most important company documents. In addition to providing financial information, annual reports can be an effective marketing tool. One way you can showcase your company is through eye-catching design. Our DTP experts can help design your annual report in any language.

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Product documentation

One of the main reasons customers churn is because they don’t understand your product. You can improve customer experience with professional product documentation. Our DTP team can create product manuals and guides in any language so your customers know how to use your products. Source: HubSpot

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Webinars can help businesses get leads. In fact, 73 percent of sales and marketing leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to get high-quality leads. In order to get your message across during the webinar, it’s important to have a professional presentation. Our DTP experts can help design and improve your presentations. Source:

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