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Interpreting Services

Bridge cultural understandings and ensure seamless communication through LanguageWire interpreting services. With over two decades of experience, our skilled interpreters deliver accuracy and cultural sensitivity, empowering you to connect effortlessly across languages, onsite or remotely.

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The native tongue empowers people

Studies have shown that workers engage more when communication takes place in their native tongue. Even though many people understand English these days, communicating with clients and potential customers in their own language is a sign of respect and a guarantee that they can comprehend your message clearly. Presenters are also generally more effective when they are free to speak in their native language.

Cultural understanding and inclusion are fostered when people can connect while still communicating in their native language. Facilitating interactions among diverse cultures and languages has consistently served to advance the objectives highlighted by the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement.

Interpreting services for all your needs

Interpreting services are multi-faceted and require deep knowledge of the different options and the technology required. With over a decade in the business of organising major events, LanguageWire knows how to configure the perfect combination of interpreters and the proper resources, including all the latest technology. We will help you to find the best and most suitable solution for your specific event.

Conference interpreting

In business life, conference interpreting is needed for events such as annual general meetings, European Works Councils (EWC), and various negotiations, seminars, and training events. Our interpreters have extensive experience ensuring the success of your multilingual event.

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Community interpreting

Community interpreting is needed when people don’t share a common language, for example when dealing with different authorities. We provide ISO-certified community interpreting for private companies and the public sector. Our interpreters adhere to strict quality standards and ethical guidelines, ensuring professionalism, impartiality, and confidentiality in various settings, including remote options for flexibility.


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...easy to communicate and things run smoothly. They also have a desire to continuously improve.

Hans-Peter Siefen, Nordic Business Forum

Interpreting technology for virtual and on-site meetings

The right interpreting technology for both virtual and on-site meetings is crucial. While smaller events may utilize portable equipment, larger gatherings require ISO-compliant interpreting booths, microphones, receivers, and headphones. With the rise of remote meetings and virtual conferences, reliable remote interpreting technology has become available. We help you not only choose the optimal interpreting method, but also offer the needed technology.

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