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Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting is essential for events such that involve people from various languages. The availability of interpreting services indicates respect and valuation for the special cultural aspects that participants bring to events, instead of insisting on a common languages.

Our interpreters have extensive experience ensuring the success of your multilingual event.

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Ensure the success of your multilingual event with conference interpreting

Cultural understanding and inclusion are fostered when people can connect while still communicating in their native language. People are also personally empowered when they are free to speak and listen in their mother tongue. That’s why conference interpreting is valuable in multilingual gatherings involving delegates from diverse sectors, like national governments, international organizations, and NGOs. In business contexts, it proves vital for events like annual general meetings, European Works Councils (EWC), negotiations, seminars, and training sessions.

On-site, remote, or hybrid?

We offer conference interpreting solutions based on your needs

The optimal method of providing interpreting services depends on factors such as the event’s nature and the number of participants. Simultaneous interpreting stands out as the preferred method for most conference scenarios. We can support you in selecting the best method for you.

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Interpreting can be conducted on-site using either the simultaneous or consecutive methods. Simultaneous interpretation necessitates suitable technology and equipment, which are areas where LanguageWire excels by providing comprehensive support with all technical arrangements.

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Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) substitutes traditional venue equipment with cloud-based software, which operates either as a standalone platform or an integration into popular videoconferencing platforms like Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx etc. There are endless options to guarantee inclusion and accessibility.

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Meetings that combine centralized and remote locations, present a unique challenge. Interpreting can be provided either from either a booth at the venue or from a separate location, often referred to as a studio or hub. This setup enables participants to access simultaneous interpretation through internet-based platforms, offering seamless communication and inclusion regardless of physical location.

The greatest benefit is peace of mind

From configuration to setup onsite or virtually, to negotiating contracts and recordings, you can be confident that we can manage the entire process. We only work with highly qualified interpreters, many of whom are certified through organizations such as the AIIC. Reliability is key.

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