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Layout Check

After your content has received DTP work, we send it back to your in-house reviewer or professional translator to ensure the text is properly displayed.

Improve quality

Avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes in your international marketing campaigns.

About layout check

A second pair of eyes is always beneficial when translating. In the case of desktop publishing (DTP), it’s absolutely essential. This is because language experts work with your graphics files in 'raw' format, that is, files with little or no formatting. Of course, they have the original document for reference, but how will they know what it will look like in the end, once the DTP experts have finished their job?

Review graphics

This is where the layout check comes in. We send a final version of your InDesign (.indd), PDF, or other types of graphics to your in-house reviewer or a professional translator to ensure the new text is properly displayed for the target locale. The translator compares the target document with the original, checks text flow and line breaks, and also ensures that text is displayed in full.

InDesign collaboration tool

If you have an in-house reviewer who should complete the layout check, it’s recommended to do this in InLayout Editor, our online InDesign collaboration tool. There the reviewer can make changes directly in the file, without the need for highlights and sticky notes or InDesign software.

In short

  • Ensure the translated text is properly displayed in graphics
  • Checks text flow, proper use of line breaks, and ensures that text is displayed in full
  • InDesign (CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC) & PDFs
  • Review graphics in house with InLayout Editor 
Layout Check