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No more errors with expert proofreading

Don’t let bad grammar negatively impact your brand. Our network of native-speaker proofreaders remove typos and grammar mistakes from you text, giving you high-quality content.


Make your communication more effective
and avoid misunderstanding

Grammar errors and typos can be confusing and distract customers from the message you are trying to send. At worst, they can damage your brand reputation or result in expensive legal fees. Proofreading ensures your text is error free. We connect you with native-speaker proofreaders who remove spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes from your monolingual work.

Save time and let us make your content perfect

Our professional proofreaders only edit text in their native language, giving you fluent, high-quality results. You can work with proofreaders who have experience in your field, ensuring they are familiar with industry-specific terms. Let your team focus on their core roles and leave time-intensive proofreading to our experts..

Proofreading - Save time

Direct collaboration for fast turnaround

Let your proofreaders know exactly what you want your content to achieve. A detailed brief with information such as desired style, target audience and purpose, help your proofreaders deliver what you want. You can also chat directly with proofreaders about questions or more details, giving you a fast turnaround.


Automated workflows help increase productivity

Proofreading is important for every single piece of content you create. That is why we can create an automated workflow that includes proofreading as the first step in your content projects with us. Automated workflows give you one less thing to think about.

Proofreading - Automated workflows

Proofreading is vital to avoid unnecessary
costs and maintain brand reputation

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Website text

To reach your customers, you need good grammar. In fact, 59 per cent of consumers say they would avoid doing business with a company that’s made obvious errors on their website. Proofreading ensures your content is error-free and ready to publish. Don’t lose business because of typos, use proofreading every time you create content. Source: Global Lingo

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Product packaging

Consumer product packaging is a marketing tool, informs your customers and often has legal requirements. Re-printing costs due to errors can be expensive, not to mention damage your brand credibility. Tesco had to apologize after its orange juice had “most tastiest” on the bottle. A nativespeaker proofreader is the best way to ensure your packaging is correct. Source: Adweek

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Social media

Spelling errors are one of the biggest mistakes a brand can make on social media. A study found that 42.5 per cent of web users said spelling or grammar errors most damaged their opinion of a brand on social. Don’t let simple spelling mistakes ruin your message. Use proofreading before you post to maintain brand consistency. Source: Inc.

Proofreading vs text editing – What’s the difference?

How will my text be improved by proofreading? Is text editing any different? Here is an example of text for a newsletter where the source text has been edited by a proofreader and the source text has been edited by a text editor to show the differences between the services.

Source text

Say hello to new recruits
We are pleased to welcome our latest project manager to the team, James Wright. Previously James work with content provider Global Worldwide and he holds a Bachelor degree in English from University of Zurich.

Proofreading text

Say hello to the new recruit
We are pleased to welcome our latest project manager to the team, James Wright. James previously worked with content provider Global Worldwide and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Zurich.

Text Editing text

Say hello to your new team member
We are pleased to welcome James Wright, our newest project manager, to the team. James previously worked with content provider Global Worldwide, and he holds a BA in English from the University of Zurich.

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