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SEO localisation & website translations

Increase traffic to your website by optimising for search engines in multiple languages. LanguageWire gives you access to skilled SEO translators and makes it easy to create and manage SEO optimised websites with automated workflows and website integrations.

SEO and website translation

Why is SEO localisation important?

SEO Localisation takes standard website translation to a higher level, ensuring content is localised not only to the target language, but also to search intent and search volumes.

People in different countries use different languages and keywords to search for products online. Quality keyword research, on-page SEO translations, and CMS/PIM/DAM integrations are essential for improving your website translations and increasing traffic to your website. Our team of advisors are ready to help you improve your results with our SEO solutions.

Your web content is translated using industry-leading translation technology such as LanguageWire Smart Editor.


SSAB increased lead generation by 500%

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With 2.5 million site visitors across the global, SSAB embarked on a challenge to improve the digital experience through localised content. SSAB had 3 main priorities; Lead improvement, agile content production and advanced localisation. Find out how our solutions helped achieve their ambitions.

CMS, PIM & DAM Integrations

Our range of connectors integrate into your tech stack seamlessly. Allowing website translation ordering and delivery without ever leaving your environment.

Website Translation Connectors

How SEO Translation works

  1. Keywords

    Provide us with your keywords or we can extract and review them with you.

  2. Localise and optimise

    Your web content is translated and optimised by SEO experts using SEO best practice.

  3. Go global

    Publish your international SEO content and get more of the traffic you need.

Make your site rank in international markets

We help your site go global by adapting your content to new markets. We seamlessly connect you with SEO translators who understand local nuances and search terms for your industry. There is no need for time-consuming research or project management when you can enjoy the benefits of automated language workflows.


Your content in the hands of SEO specialists

Our team of SEO experts are available to extract the top keywords from your website. You can then review and approve the keyword list before SEO translators localise your content and keywords for target markets.

Global network

Keep an overview of projects

The LanguageWire Content Platform’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy to keep track of your SEO projects. You always have access to your team of experts thanks to direct messaging. Integrated translation memories and Termbases mean you don’t have to worry about translating the same thing twice. And direct integration is available for maximum speed. 


Optimise local content.
Get more traffic.

Customising content for your target audiences is a proven way of increasing website traffic. It’s why a consumer brand with global reach came to LanguageWire to improve their multilingual content experience.

They needed help translating their website and mobile app into 32 languages. We set up localisation workflows for their specific content needs, including high-quality SEO translation.

It’s now easy for them to localise their website and app using automated content workflows. They enjoy more traffic, engagement, and conversions thanks to the power multilingual content tailored to local audiences.

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How can we help you?

Your journey to a powerful, seamless language management experience starts here! Tell us about your needs and we will tailor the perfect solution to your enterprise.

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"I asked around and several people I know recommended
LanguageWire and are happy with the response time, price and
quality, so the choice was pretty easy – and I’m very happy with
that decision."

Sebastian Helgesson,
Yamaha Music Europe

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