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Transcribe your media with video subtitling

Empower your videos with subtitles to increase your brand visibility across regions.

A woman listening to headphones while subtitling a document

You are already translating your website, so why not your videos?

Reaching a global audience goes far past website needs. Your buyers are consuming all types of media and video is one that is on the rise that shows no sign of slowing down. 87% of marketing professionals say that video has helped them generate good ROI. As part of our language management ecosystem, your video translations will be handled by our expert team supported by AI all in our secure platform.

A laptop showing subtitles

Using translations in subtitles

Import and export your existing file formats

No need to convert your video files to have them transcribed. Our translation technology will be able to provide you with auto-generated subtitles no matter if you upload an mp4, mov or mp3. We will then embed the text right onto your video file for you making the video uploading process a breeze!

Make the most out of your video productions

Extend your reach globally

Utilise existing video productions like product demos or explainers and add subtitles to make the reach even greater!

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Survive the silence

Did you know that over 90% of mobile viewers watch video without sound? That is the definition of being seen but not heard. By adding subtitles, you can ensure that everyone who sees your video productions will also hear your message.

Connect with your audiences

By creating video content, you can connect on a deeper level than with just written word by tapping into their emotions

Building connections with your audiences through subtitling

How can we help you?

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