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Add subtitles to video to increase reach and engagement

Use our subtitling services to upgrade your videos with multilingual subtitles and communicate your message more effectively to diverse audiences.


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Effective subtitles require intelligent technology to produce a dependable subtitling output in every language

LanguageWire offers global enterprises the tech and service necessary to produce out-of-the-box subtitled videos in multiple languages, saving valuable time and resources.

Elevate your video content with precise subtitles, leveraging our AI subtitle generator and our deep knowledge of both the source and target languages.

Make the most out of your video productions

Boost global reach and engagement on social media

85 % of social media users watch videos on mute. Professional subtitles improve viewership, engagement and retention metrics, helping you communicate more effectively with your viewers.



Make your content accessible

Upgrade your content by making it accessible to a diverse audience in their preferred language, including non-native speakers and the hearing-impaired.

Better comprehension and retention

Multilingual subtitles can enhance the effectiveness of training materials, educational content, and promotional videos for international audiences. Viewers comprehend and retain information better when they can read subtitles in their native language.


Our subtitling solution is perfect for:

solutions marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

Localize marketing videos effortlessly to target specific regions and demographics.

solutions product and sales videos

Product and sales videos

Make your sales presentations, product videos, demos and client pitches more effective.

Solutions brand storytelling

Brand storytelling

Connect with your global audiences on a deeper level, building brand affinity and trust.

solutions corporate communication

Corporate communications

Ensure effective dissemination of information across teams and locations.

solutions social media videos

Social media videos

Improve view count, engagement and retention metrics.

solutions employee training

Employee training

Improve engagement and watch time for better comprehension and learning outcomes.

Why choose LanguageWire for video subtitling

Convenience, scalability and quick turnaround times

Our automated workflows streamline the entire service, from video ingestion to final delivery. Our team of experts can handle anything, from increased volume to diverse requirements.

Professional subtitle quality

Our experienced localization specialists understand the nuances of language, culture, and context, while using our proprietary tech to perfectly synchronize subtitles with the video's audio and visual elements.

Save time and money

Cut down on manual subtitling effots, high expenses and complex workflows with an efficient subtitling solution. Maximize your video content ROI by getting the most out of your video assets.

The affordable, scalable, one-stop solution for all your subtitling needs

Adding subtitles to your videos with LanguageWire means never manually adding or editing subtitles again. Just upload your video to our platform, and our expert linguists and validators will create captions, translate text to your preferred target languages and deliver perfectly accurate and synchronized multilingual subtitles that grow your reach, improve accessibility, boost engagement and comply with regulations.

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STEP 1: Upload your videos and generate captions

Submit your videos to our platform and let our team of experts handle the rest. We will convert speech to text, and then integrate as captions directly onto your video, unlocking new possibilities for your content.

AI section languages

STEP 2: Translate subtitles to any language

LanguageWire's translations are best-in-class for linguistic accuracy, with the option to leverage your Translation Memories and business terminology.

AI fonts

STEP 3: Review and edit styles, and export video with subtitles

Review, comment, edit or approve subtitles in a cloud-based environment. Choose subtitle styling presets, or customize anything from colour, font, size and position to best align with your brand. Export your video with the burned-in subtitles or separately download the subtitle file.

How can we help you?

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