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Sworn and Certified Translation

LanguageWire offers sworn and certified translations for a variety of countries and situations. We will work with you to provide the right service based on the content, country, language and legal requirements.

Peace of mind

Gives you additional peace of mind for the quality of your translated content.


The experienced LanguageWire team will help you through the process.

Sworn and certified translations are texts that have been translated from one language into another, and that are usually destined for use in the courts or the legal system of a particular country.

Certified translations differ greatly from country to country, so you will need to provide us with the following basic information:

  • The type of document that needs to be translated
  • Target language(s) will it be translated
  • The region where it is required
  • What your legal professional has advised you to obtain

Common cases

Once we have these details, we will advise you on what type of translation you need. For example, for Denmark your expert would be an authorised (autorisert) translator, whereas for the United Kingdom, you would need a regular translator who would then be required to go to a notary public for a certificate.

Sometimes, and especially in the UK, it can be enough for us to provide a translation certificate, in which we certify the quality of the translation. In other countries (such as Russia) the source text must be the original document – no copies allowed.

We can also arrange for an Apostille to be affixed to the translation in compliance with the Hague Apostille Convention (1961). The convention has 112 parties, including the entire European Union, and is a common supplement for local notarisation.

Whatever the variables, you will end up with a translated document and duly certified whatever its final purpose.

In short

  • Sworn and certified translation for a broad range of requirements
  • Professional advice from the LanguageWire team
  • Translation certificates available if required