A network of professional translators from around the globe is ready to convert your text to your desired target languages. Using cutting edge technology, you can be assured of high quality results and reaching new markets.

Native quality communication

All of our translators are native speakers and quality tested.

Reach a broader audience

More customers will engage with your communication when you speak their language.


Have a global network of thousands of expert translators at your fingertips.

About translation

A sales representative needs to speak the local language to effectively get your brand message across. And it’s the same for your content, you can’t effectively cover multiple locales with one language.

There are two simple points to consider:

  • Can they understand you?
    A recent report by Common Sense Advisory found that “84% of business buyers are more likely to buy a product with online information in their language” (Common Sense Advisory - Localization Matters, 2014).
  • Can they find you?
    Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) program will receive a massive boost through the creation of multilingual content.

A global network of language experts

It’s not easy to master all the languages of the globe. But it’s very easy to have your texts translated by our network of language experts. Be it Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or over 175 other languages, we have you covered. All you need to do is log in, upload your text, then sit back and let the professionals help you reach your global audience.

ISO 17100 certified

LanguageWire’s network of translators follow rigorously tested ISO 17100-certified workflows, so you can rest assured that your texts are in good hands. We also test all of our experts and perform regular quality checks of translations and other multilingual content. From translations for websites, print material to mobile apps and technical documentation, your text is handled by an expert team using best practices.

A collaborative experience

At LanguageWire, we believe you’ll achieve the best results when the process is collaborative. This opportunity for dialogue, crystal clear briefings and a consistent team will help you reach your goals as well as new markets. Our experienced team of project managers makes sure that you receive the right language expert for the job. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of our industry-specialist translators’ wealth of knowledge in finance, technology, manufacturing, medical and fashion to name a few key areas.

All of our translators:
  • Are professionals and translate exclusively into their native language
  • Have at least 3 years’ experience translating
  • Have the appropriate experience in the subject area in which they work
What’s more, via our online collaboration platform, you can:
  • Choose your preferred supplier team for each language
  • Communicate directly with your translator on every job
  • Discover more about who they are from their profiles

1,500 words a day

You receive an efficient and professional service at all times. Our translators translate 1,500 words a day (2,000 for text over 7,000 words in length). Our translators use computer assisted translation (CAT) tools that makes translation easier. This improves quality and provides cost and time savings.

The all-important brief

In order to get the best from your translator, you should provide all relevant reference material. This could be a style guide, official texts, approved translations, or Termbase. The better an indication your translators have of what you require, the more likely they are to meet your expectations.

In short

  • Native, professional translators
  • ISO 17100-certified workflows
  • Industry specialists
  • A fully transparent workflow encourages communication with translators
  • Cutting-edge technology solutions drive efficiencies
  • 1,500 words translated every day (2,000 for higher volumes)


Ready to reach your global audience?

It's time to start speaking the right language by using powerful technology to collaborate with a world of experts. Get in touch with the LanguageWire team or get started right away.