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Translation Memory Management

Translation Memory specialists keep your Translation Memory fresh, speeding up time-to-publish, reducing translation spend and improving communication consistency.

Shorter time to market

Reuse words, sentences, and entire texts for maximum translation efficiency.

Save money

Pay less when a word, sentence or entire paragraph already exists for a language pair.

Greater consistency

The same phrases are used even when multiple translators work with your content.

About translation memory management

Reusing previous translations with a translation memory (TM) is a great way to save money, time and improve communication consistency. That’s why we store all the translations you do with us in databases categorised according to source language, target language and, where applicable, work area. But to get the most out of your TM, you sometimes need a skilled mechanic to make sure that it is tuned for peak performance. This is where our TM Management service comes in; they are the mechanics that look after your TM.

Your Translation Memory mechanics

If you have just started using LanguageWire, you can have a TM created from existing translations. Sometimes you may simply need to 'top up' your TM. Maybe you have found some old translations, and you would like us to use some sections of it in a future translation. Or perhaps your corporate language has evolved and you would like us to remove translations from an existing translation memory. These are all common situations that our team of translation memory managers help businesses with every day.


You have two documents in Word or InDesign format. One in English, one in French. You would like them to be included in your English-French TM. With a language expert, and some state-of-the-art software, we can line up the two documents, sentence-by-sentence, and have the content put into your translation memory. This content will now be leveraged in all future translations. As your Translation Memories grow, you’ll pay less for translating your content and consistency will increase.


Your corporate language has recently changed. You no longer use the French word 'collègue' for 'colleague'. You now say 'collaborateur'. Updating your Termbase would ensure your translator understands that this has changed. You can also have your TM updated. This keeps your TM as up-to-date as possible and helps your translator work with increased efficiency, as they will not have to change this word every time it appears.

In short

  • Have an expert build your Translation Memory
  • Reuse previous translations to save time and money
  • Align old content with new
  • Optimise your existing TM
Translation Memory Management