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Keep translations on brand with Validation

Your own, in-house team reviews and approves content, checking brand consistency and messaging. Validation adds your local teams to the translation process so multilingual content is approved and on brand.

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We help keep your brand consistent so
you can build loyalty and trust

Strong, visible brands benefit from greater customer loyalty. However, keeping your brand consistent is a challenge, especially in multiple languages. When you use Validation, we work with your in-house team to ensure your multilingual content has maximum impact.

Source: Demand Metric/Lucidpress

Keep your communication on brand

Working with your own employees, who are most familiar with your brand, we ensure your content is reviewed, approved and on brand. Whether it’s a translated brochure or product text from a copywriter, you can trust Validation to maintain brand consistency.


Save time on project management

Our innovative translation technology makes content validation as simple as possible. We make your validators, or reviewers, part of the project workflow, which means we take care of the project management. Validators receive automatic notifications when it’s their turn to look at content. They review in our intuitive online tool and when done, you get notified automatically.


Improve content quality over time

Changes made during Validation are saved to your Translation Memory so you don’t have to make the same change again. We can also add your preferred terminology to a Termbase so your translators and validators have the latest approved brand terms.


A proven solution for large businesses

Validation requires considerable effort to start up and maintain. It is most successful for businesses with a high demand for translation with many languages, markets and employees. You choose a Validation Manager who helps manage the process and ensure validation is done on time.


Validation can boost consistency and understanding of your brand

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Brand consistency is important. Consistent brands are 3-4 times more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility. Ensure customer-facing brochures, flyers and catalogues are on-brand with Validation. Your in-house team checks and approves materials so your brand leaves a lasting impression. Source: Demand Metric/Lucidpress

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e-Learning is a cost-effective way to increase employee potential. In fact, 42% of companies say e-Learning increased their revenue. To make the training successful, it needs to be adapted for local markets. Validation ensures company terms and applications are correct, so you get maximum impact. Source: Buzzsumo

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Campaign taglines

There have been many examples of translated taglines gone wrong. Swedish brand Electrolux once marketed its vacuum cleaners in the U.S. with the tagline: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.” Validation can prevent such translation blunders by having your local team review the text. Source: Inc.

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"LanguageWire is extremely user-friendly and very quick to use. It makes it easy for me to order translations and therefore facilitates the management of content in several languages."

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