Your own, in-house team reviews and approves content, checking brand consistency and messaging. Including validation in your workflow ensures projects are completed on time and on brand.

Improve quality and impact

Ensures brand knowledge is applied by those who know it best: your team.

Increase productivity

Add text editing to an automated workflow and make better use of your time.

About validation

Finding ways to keep communication on-brand and accurate preoccupies professionals across a wide variety of organisations. And the more you outsource, the greater the worry that communication isn't 100% aligned. This is something that is also true with translation, multilingual desktop publishing, copywriting, voiceover and other forms of multilingual content. Ideally, you have those that are most familiar with your brand and products review and approve everything that is created. But the avalanche of content makes this hard to manage.

Include validation in your workflows

At LanguageWire, we understand that the people who know the most about your brand are your in-house team. That’s why it’s ideal that these people have the final look at content created via our language collaboration platform before publishing. And thanks to our innovative translation technology, we keep the process as simple as possible. We make your validators (aka reviewers) a part of the project workflow. Validators receive automatic notifications when it’s their turn to look at the content so they can jump in and cast their eye over the work. They then work in an intuitive review interface that keeps Translation Memories and Termbases up-to-date so you don’t have to correct the same mistake time and again.

External quality control

Your team may not have a native speaker for one of your target languages who can proofread your new product descriptions and check the correct tone and style is used. In such situations, working with one of our trusted proofreaders or text editors is the ideal solution. When you consistently work with a team of language experts like this, they will understand your brand and meet the high communication standards you have in place.

In short

  • Review and approve content internally
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Automated as part of your workflow
  • Minimal e-mail traffic
  • Intuitive review interface
  • Communicate directly with language experts
  • Swift implementation of changes


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