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Save yourself the hassle
Let us manage your internal approval process

”I've written my corrections on yellow notes.”
”I can't open the file.”
”I can't look at it until next week. Is it urgent?” 

Yes, it can be a really time consuming process when internal specialists or your local offices need to approve the translation before it is published or goes to press. 

So let us help you.

Let's make it easy for you

When we take over the project management of your internal approval process – or 'validation', as we call it – the process goes like this: You send your text to us as usual. We translate it and send the new language version to the staff in your company, whom you have predefined to validate the translation.

We only deliver the final text to you when EVERYTHING has been approved.

Everyone saves time
Loads of time

You're not the only one to save time by allowing us to coordinate the validation process. The employees who validate the texts will also benefit. Because we implement all their corrections in our database, they don't have to correct the same mistakes over and over again. And because we're experts at dealing with file types, formatting of XML documents, html codes and so on, it's not something you have to spend time on or concern yourself with.

Reach your global target group in a more
cost-effective way

enjoy problem-free
global communication
that has maximum impact

We remove
the obstacles

Our goal is to save as much time as possible for you and your internal validators. One of the ways we do this is by using tools like LanguageWire, WeAllEdit and LanguageWire Translate. When your validators have access to them, they don't need to mess around with codes in XML files or to have InDesign installed to be able to correct the text directly in the InDesign file. Our tools do away with these kinds of unwanted and unnecessary obstacles completely.

Better and better
and better and ...

As we take on more and more jobs for you, we gradually build up a dictionary – what we call the LanguageWire TermBase – and a translation memory. This is where we collect specific words and sentences from all your translations, making sure future translations consistently use your words and terms, and enabling us to reuse previously translated texts. This ensures a consistently high quality, and a faster delivery.


Annual jobs including validation service

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We make a difference

Danske Bank
Klavs Hjort
“WeAllEdit saves Danske Bank 1,500 hours in its first year. The feedback after the first 17 months of working with WeAllEdit is positive. “We have now run more than 1,700 documents, totalling 11,586 pages, through WeAllEdit and have saved more than one hour per document, on average, so it fully lives up to our expectations. We have also conducted a qualitative follow-up, and there is great satisfaction with the system among project managers and graphic artists - and, most importantly, there are never any problems with the system.”

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