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Give your brand a voice with voiceover

A professional voiceover helps bring your brand to life. We’ll help you transcribe audio, find the right voice and localise scripts so you can create multimedia content in any language.

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Gain trust with relatable and on-brand
multimedia content

Videos are popular with consumers and are a great way to showcase your products and services. Nothing helps your communication stand out like a great voice can. Nearly 80 percent of 18-to-37-year-olds prefer watching videos on their phone with the sound on. To stand out, your multimedia content needs a professional voiceover to connect with your audience and establish trust.

Source: Wibbitz/Lucidpress

Getting started with voiceover is easy

All you need to do is send us your script or current voiceover content, for example a video or audio file. Our language experts transcribe your content into a script and add a timecode reference.

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Find the ideal voice for your brand

Should the sound be young, fresh and informal? Or deep, serious and baritone? Are you looking for British English or an American accent? You provide us with a brief for your ideal voice, and then you choose from samples based on your requirements.


Voiceover in any language

Our network of native-speaking professional translators transforms your script into any language, taking into account your style and tone requirements. We’ll also find a native-speaking voiceover artist so your content connects with your entire audience.


Some of the voiceover solutions we provide

  • Vocal casting to find the right voice for your project
  • Mastering, including sound effects or prepping audio for headphone listening
  • Concatenation, or branching, for creating custom responses, typically for multimedia games or voicemail
  • Dubbing, audio description for the visually impaired, automated dialogue replacement and lip and phrase sync
  • Audio editing, including file splitting, formatting and synching
  • Technical editing, including removing clicks, pops and breaths and volume processing

Add more personality to your content with professional voiceover

Phone on hold

On-hold messages

On-hold messages reflect your brand and keep customers engaged. One study found 90% of callers on hold with silence hang up within 40 seconds. However, when callers hear information, they stay on the line for three more minutes. With a professional on-hold message, you can promote your latest campaigns. Source: North American Telecom



More and more businesses are using podcasts as a way to establish thought leadership and increase sales. A survey of 300,000 listeners found that 63% of people bought something promoted on a podcast. Use voiceover to create professional podcast intros or to make high-quality in-podcast advertising. Source: Midroll

Video camera

Explainer videos

Creating short videos are one of the best ways to increase sales. Marketers who use video in their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates. If you want your explainer video to reach potential customers, you’ll have to speak their language. A professional voiceover can be adapted for any language or market. Source: Aberdeen Group.

How can we help you?

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