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LanguageWire adheres to international standards and best practices, so our customers and language experts know that they can rely on us. These best practices provide security, reliability and transparency for all users of LanguageWire’s platform.


Minimal downtime and robust data management so there are no surprises.


LanguageWire’s security processes provide a high level of data security.


Adherence to internationally recognised standards gives you peace of mind.

About compliance

Well-crafted and internationally-recognised standards are a lubricant for trade and economic growth. They help businesses reduce costs, improve consistency and optimise processes. For the customer, they are a signal for quality, reliability, efficiency, security and interchangeability.

LanguageWire adheres to international standards and best practices so our customers and Language Experts know that they can rely on us. Here are some essential norms that we follow that help embed best practice into LanguageWire.

ISO 17100 certified

On 28 September 2016, LanguageWire was successfully audited for the ISO 17100 standard. ISO 17100 supersedes EN 15038, and all LanguageWire Translation + Proofreading of translation projects (formally known as ‘full service’) are covered by the certification. ISO 17100 is rigorous in its demands for evidence of translator qualifications, translator competences, project manager competence, and communication and product life cycle.

For LanguageWire, the ISO 17100 certification was a short journey. In the words of Stig Jørgensen, COO at LanguageWire, “All of the necessary infrastructure and processes were already in place, so it was simply a case of documenting these according to the framework laid out by the standard.” For LanguageWire users, the ISO 17100 certification contributes immense value in underscoring that LanguageWire adheres to best-in-class processes on translation projects.

ISO 27001 adherence

ISO 27001 is an international standard for the secure management of information. It is a well-known standard which provides requirements for an ‘Information Security Management System’ (ISMS) within an organisation. This systematic process for managing sensitive information ensures that data remains secure. The risk management procedures of an ISMS cover people, processes and IT systems.

LanguageWire is in the process of acquiring ISO 27001 certification. To implement the ISMS, LanguageWire has developed internal policies and procedures that cover and regulate a range of information security topics. In addition to providing a regular risk management process, it provides a framework for asset management (including data classification), incident handling and various technical checks for LanguageWire’s systems and servers.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

LanguageWire utilises a Private Cloud Infrastructure. All data is stored within the EU and we make enterprise-level security at our data centres a priority, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, our data centre provider is ISAE 3402 certified, which ensures high-level of physical security.

The benefits of LanguageWire’s server structure strategy include:

1) Security

All Customer’s data is stored and processed via the LanguageWire Private Cloud Infrastructure. All data is stored in the EU, and IT facilities are managed according to ISO27001 requirements.

2) Reliability

LanguageWire’s data centre is designed to support 3 levels of data protection:

  • Continuous Availability (CA): the purpose of CA is to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of hardware failure. Systems monitoring and incident management processes are in place ensure a high level of hardware platform availability (better than 99.99% for hardware).
  • Disaster Recovery (DR): all production data is stored in a secondary LanguageWire data centre for geo-resilience (e.g. destruction of the primary data centre due to flood or fire).
  • Backups: in addition to CA and DR, a classical backup approach is implemented to aid the immediate restoration of data in case of system failure.

3) Scalability and cost efficiency

Our IT team continuously monitors infrastructure elements and resources are dynamically added as required as part of the capacity management process. This agile approach helps LanguageWire choose the most effective technological solutions, to deliver optimal service quality, and minimise IT costs.

In short

  • ISO 17100 certification for all translation + proofreading of translation projects
  • Adherence to ISO 27001 to ensure the secure management of information
  • LanguageWire’s Private Cloud Infrastructure provides security, reliability, scalability and cost efficiency.