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User-friendly dashboard has everything you need

Get an instant overview of key information, including project status, the number of words processed, your top five language experts and translation memory savings.


Important data at your fingertips

Data is great. Used properly, it can increase business performance by providing relevant insights. But people suffer from ‘information overload’, and it has become one of the main irritations of modern life.

That’s why we use dashboards to track key data. They distil data down into easy to process information and help keep everyone on the same page. With this in mind, we built the account dashboard. It helps you control the multilingual content creation process through transparency.


Real-time dashboard with an instant view of spend, savings and project status.

Easy to use

Get an overview of key information for your company account in one place.


It’s your dashboard. You can set up your dashboard just how you like it. Drag and drop!

Detailed project tracking

Follow the status of your projects in real-time, from upload to when you receive the invoice. You’ll see when projects are in a draft state, configuration, in progress or finished.


Spend overview

Keep track of your spending with graphical spend tracking that gives you a quick and simple overview of current spend compared with the previous year.


Language expert overview

See which translators are doing the most work for your team. An overview of your language experts (translators, copywriters, voiceover artists, etc.) who are involved in your projects.

Language experts

How can we help you?

Your journey to a straightforward way of making multilingual content starts here. Tell us about your content frustrations - we would love to build the perfect content solution for your brand.

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“Working in 27 countries across Europe our translation needs are often complex. The team at LanguageWire consistently meet our tight deadlines whilst delivering high-quality translations. They’re more than just a supplier, they’re an extension of our team here at D-Link.”

Jess Inskip, D-Link

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