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Speed up translation
in Drupal

Automate website translation when you use a Drupal Connector from LanguageWire. Order translation directly in the CMS, saving you time so you can publish faster.

More efficient website translation

Copying and pasting content for each language version of your website takes time and mistakes are bound to happen. With the LanguageWire Drupal Connector, you send and receive translations in the CMS, saving you time and reducing errors.

Drupal Connector

Backed by experience

The LanguageWire-developed connector uses the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module for Drupal, a proven solution. Our connector consists of the user interface from TMGMT and a robust API. All LanguageWire connectors use the same API, which is built for a maximum stability, so you won't lose jobs or completed translations if there is a network interruption.

Drupal Connector

More efficient translation

Translate all Drupal text elements, including Nodes, Entities and Strings. Choose one or more languages and request translation by LanguageWire with a few clicks from your Drupal CMS. Increase productivity and eliminate manual, time-consuming steps.

Drupal Connector

Publish your global website faster

You can get an email notification when your translation is ready. The validated text from LanguageWire is automatically sent to your Drupal CMS and each translation arrives in the right place ready to publish. You can preview and publish translations directly in Drupal, eliminating annoying copy-paste errors.

Drupal Connector

We help you reach the world

No matter what language you need or industry you work in, we can connect you with a language expert who meets your needs. Our network of 7,000 language experts can translate into more than 175 languages and have relevant experience in your industry.

Drupal Connector

Find out how it works

Get in-depth information on how the LanguageWire Drupal Connector can benefit your brand by downloading the brochure below.

The most efficient way to translate your content


No more annoying copy-paste errors.


Intuitive interface for quick translation ordering.


Increase productivity and reduce costs.


Integrated translations shorten your time-to-market.


Access a network of over 7,000 language experts.


A direct link between your Drupal CMS and LanguageWire.


Order from the familiar Drupal UI.


HTTPS-encrypted data transfer for extra security.


Centralise translation and keep an overview.

Ready to reach your global audience?

It's time to start speaking the right language by using powerful technology to collaborate with a world of experts. Get in touch with the LanguageWire team or get started right away.