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Easy to use online platform

We’ve taken complexity and made it simple. You’ll find it easy to navigate LanguageWire, view project statuses and KPIs, update your user profile, collaborate with language experts and colleagues as well as starting new projects.

Improve quality and impact

Collaborate with language experts from around the globe and work with industry leading tools.

Save time and money

Streamline multilingual content creation in an innovative collaboration platform.


We give you the toolbox you need to control, manage and optimise your language workflows.

A great user experience is at the core of everything we do at LanguageWire. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to work with language experts from all over the world. That’s why we’ve invested in building the world’s best collaborative platform for creating multilingual content. The key payoff for you? A boost to your productivity and capabilities.

Account Dashboard

To achieve this, we take complex workflows, KPIs, collaboration possibilities and interactions and distil them down into easy to process information. A big part of this is your Account Dashboard. After logging in, you have an instant view of your translation memory and volume savings, current spend vs the previous year and top language experts. You can also easily check project statuses and see if they are in a draft state, configuration, in progress or finished.

Start projects

We’ve also made starting a new project easy. You can use Standard Workflows or your own Custom Workflows in the projects section. Not sure which mixture of services is right for you? Create your project via the Project Guide. You can also turn your most common projects into Project Templates and avoid the hassle of setting them up. You’re also able to save project drafts. This is perfect for when you are waiting on some content from a colleague and unable to order the project right away.

Easy to navigate

The sidebar directs you to key areas, such as finances and language tools, while your profile is instantly accessible in the familiar top right corner. You’ll also see your Personal Language Advisors. Have a question about your current LanguageWire plan? Get in touch with your account manager. Would you like to create a Custom Workflow or get some advice on a new project? Then your project manager is always there to help.

Project Overview

The Project Overview section gives you a quick overview of your projects. You see if they are in in a draft state, configuration, in progress or finished. What’s more, you can filter projects or add attributes to the project grid. Just click on the icons above the project list and adjust the project grid to your needs.


Being a cloud-based platform, you can use a web-browser to access LanguageWire from wherever you are. But for enterprises looking for maximum automation, an integrated solution is the best way to interface with LanguageWire. A LanguageWire Connector gives you the ability to natively manage translations directly in your digital platform. This means you can order translations from your CMS or PIM using a familiar checkout basket flow. The new multilingual content is then sent directly to your digital platform for implementation. All of which saves you time, avoids a mess of multiple files and eliminates manual copy-paste work.

Get in touch

There are many more features available, all with the express purpose of helping you reach your global audience. Get in touch with the LanguageWire team today to talk about your specific content needs. We’ll find the perfect solution to you.

In short

  • LanguageWire is a collaboration platform for creating multilingual content.
  • The Account Dashboard gives you an instant overview of key information.
  • There are a variety of options for starting projects depending on your needs.
  • Personal Language Advisors are on hand to help.
Account Dashboard


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