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InDesign Collaboration Tool

Shorten your time-to-publish and streamline InDesign collaboration. Proofread, edit and translate InDesign documents online, all in the cloud and without having to get a graphic designer involved.

Increase productivity

Eliminate manual, copy-paste work and automate workflows to make better use of your time.

Avoid errors

Centralise feedback, collaborate in one online document and see results right away.

Work transparently

Keep an overview of project status, deadlines and track changes in a cloud-based solution.

Multilingual InDesign content

It can take a lot of time to create brochures, flyers, digital magazines, books or similar material with InDesign. And it takes even longer when you need this content in multiple languages. This is because creating multilingual content in InDesign requires additional translation, proofreading of translation and DTP rounds. All of which swamps graphic designers with corrections via email, PDF documents and sticky notes on printouts. The upshot? A longer time-to-publish.

Online InDesign collaboration tool

You can now kiss goodbye to unwanted hassle when collaborating in InDesign. With WeAllEdit, you can easily edit text in an InDesign file. All in the cloud and without having to get a graphic designer involved.

InDesign Collaboration Tool

“WeAllEdit users save between 30 to 80% of their time used in proofreading and localisation process”

You’ll find streamlining content creation with WeAllEdit a massive boost to productivity. For example, WeAllEdit users save between 30 to 80% of their time used in proofreading and localisation process.

How it works

As an editor in WeAllEdit, you can:

  • Simply click on text and start editing
  • Edit a document at the same time as other users
  • Update previews and download pdfs
  • Use a handy comments tool
  • View a history of all changes
  • Revert to earlier versions
  • Approve the document online

Administrators have extended privileges:

  • See all projects in your company
  • Upload fonts
  • Invite editors via email
  • Set deadlines and reminders
  • Lock/unlock specific textboxes
  • Download a change and comment report
  • View the approval overview

Get in touch with the LanguageWire team today to talk about your specific content needs. We’ll find the perfect solution to you.

Language technology solutions for your business

  1. Upload

    Upload your InDesign document in LanguageWire WeAllEdit

  2. Invite

    Invite proofreaders, text editors and validators to review your document online

  3. Edit

    Your team reviews the text in context, without the risk of changing graphics or formatting

  4. Approve

    You receive an editing report, approve changes and download the updated file

In Short

  • WeAllEdit takes the complexity out of InDesign collaboration.
  • Easily edit text with an online tool.
  • A proven solution for increasing productivity and shortening time-to-publish.
  • Administrators and editors have a wide range of features available.