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Information security

Enterprise-grade security to protect your sensitive information. Comprehensive protection of your sensitive information with an industry-leading, cloud-based data security infrastructure.

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LanguageWire’s cloud infrastructure

We adhere to international security standards and quality management best practices, guaranteeing secure connectivity throughout our language management ecosystem to ensure your data is always processed safely.

Security and reliability

All client data is stored and processed via the LanguageWire cloud infrastructure. All data is stored in the EU and IT facilities are managed according to ISO 27001 requirements.

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LanguageWire’s ISO certifications

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ISO-27001 certified Information Security Management System ensures our ability to manage sensitive information and keep data secure, and is a credential held by only a handful of our peers.

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ISO 17100 certified translation workflows ensures adherence to best-in-class processes on translation projects and guarantees evidence of translator qualifications, translator competences, project manager competence, the professional management of core processes as well as other processes related to the delivery of high-quality translation services.

badge image ISO 9001

ISO 9001 quality management systems indicates the presence of quality management processes and standards, including a strong customer focus, a professional process approach, and a focus on continual improvement.

badge image ISO 18587

ISO 18587 post-editing of machine translation output demonstrates that our processes for post-editing machine translation output comply with rigourous international quality standards. This certification is the assurance you need to know that LanguageWire’s post-editing service delivers human-quality translations whilst speeding up your time to market.

ISO 13485 Medical Devices Certification

ISO 13485 provides an international standard for quality management in medical device manufacturing and related services. The standard focuses on risk management and risk-based decision-making for both device manufacturers and external support resources, such as LanguageWire.

Industry Certified


TISAX certification is available to validate information security in the automotive sector. This label serves as proof that the information security management system adheres to specific security levels and enables the sharing of evaluation outcomes on a designated platform.

Quality is our top priority!

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LanguageWire complies with privacy laws and respects users’ rights

Our customers work from a wide range of countries around the globe. To ensure compliance with regional privacy laws, we set ourselves a high standard when handling user data.

We are compliant with the following privacy regulations:

Data privacy is fundamental to everything that we do. We value the principles of granular consent, transparency, the right for users to access their data, and the right to be forgotten, among other measures that protect users’ data. For more information, please read LanguageWire’s privacy policy.

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Working together since 2010, LanguageWire supports ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems (AAES) with translations into 24 different languages, ordering translations from locations within Europe, the USA and China. To guarantee properly nuanced translations, LanguageWire has set up a team of translators chosen for their professional skills and industry knowledge. Using LanguageWire’s platform enables easy collaboration between all project members: project manager, translator and AAES validators. Here at AAES, we are very pleased with the translations provided and the efficient manner with which LanguageWire carry out all projects.

Maeve Buis,
Assa Abloy

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