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Save time on proofing
InDesign content

Cut content creation time in half by proofreading InDesign documents with InLayout Editor. Your team can now make edits directly in layout with a cloud-based tool.

InLayout Editor

Save time and reduce errors
in the proofing process

Proofreading documents is a time-consuming and often frustrating process where changes are sent back-and-forth in email, on paper sticky notes, and verbally. InLayout Editor from LanguageWire streamlines the proofing process, saving businesses time when creating brochures, flyers, books, and other DTP  content.

Review and proofread documents in layout

As proofreaders make text changes in the document, they see an instant preview in layout. Proofreaders can also add comments about graphics or layout, for example.

InLayout Editor - Review and proofread

Easy to identify changes and comments in InDesign

Once text changes are made, these are highlighted in InDesign for the graphic designer. This makes it extremely easy for designers to see where they need to make adjustments.

InLayout Editor - Easy to identify

Multiple users collaborate on one file

Help teams collaborate because multiple users with different roles can take part in the approval process online. You won't lose track of versions thanks to everyone working on the same file.

InLayout Editor - Multiple users

Keep an overview of projects

Stick to project deadlines thanks to an online overview of approval status, proofing stage, and automated email reminders.

InLayout Editor - Keep an overview

Get the full story

Looking for more information? Read the full InLayout Editor product description below to find out more about how it can benefit your team.

Key features and benefits


Access InLayout Editor through your web browser


Collaboration is easier and fewer proofreading rounds are required

Fewer emails

Reduce inbox clutter by collaborating in an online platform

Fewer mistakes

Making edits to documents in layout reduces the risk for copy-paste errors


HTTPS encryption, European-based servers, and a private cloud infrastructure


No more problematic feedback using email, PDFs, printouts, and sticky notes

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