The easy way to
translate in inRiver

With the LanguageWire inRiver Connector, you can translate product information directly from your inRiver PIM - saving you time and increasing productivity.

Integration will save you time

Translating your product information into 20, 10 or even two languages can be difficult. Make it simple with an inRiver Connector for the inRiver Product Marketing Cloud. You'll skip hours of manual work by using an automated workflow.

Create a translation task in InRiver

Easily order translations through your web browser

Translate content without leaving your inRiver interface. LanguageWire becomes a part of your inRiver Product Marketing Cloud, making it easy to order and  publish multilingual content for your target markets.

You simply create a translation task and add the information you need translated. The LanguageWire Connector grabs the content and returns it to inRiver once translated.

Publish more content and reach more people

The easy-to-use connector shortens time-to-market and increases productivity. Your team can create more multilingual content with less effort while also reducing the chances of copy-paste mistakes and human error.

Swedish Translation Highlight inRiver

Translation Project Brief inRiver

Customised to suit your needs

We tailor the inRiver Connector to match your needs. During the onboarding process, we define which content fields you'd like to have available for translation, so your language experts work with maximum efficiency.

Also available for your on-premises solution

The inRiver Connector is not only available for the inRiver Product Marketing Cloud, it also comes as a plug-in for your on-premise inRiver installation. This plug-in supports inRiver version 6.3.

On Premise inRiver Translation Basket

Find out how it works

Get in-depth information on how the LanguageWire inRiver Connector for the inRiver Product Marketing Cloud can benefit your brand by downloading the brochure below.

The most efficient way to translate your content


A direct link between your inRiver PIM and LanguageWire.


Translation integration shortens your time-to-market.


No more annoying copy-paste errors.


Intuitive interface for quick translation ordering.


Increase productivity and reduce costs.


Centralise translation and keep an overview


HTTPS-encrypted data transfer for extra security.


Access a network of over 5000 language experts.


Order from the familiar inRiver UI.

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