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Instant, best-in-class business translations

with secure technology.

As content demands continue to increase, leading enterprises need more innovative solutions.
To get high-quality, business ready translations instantly, you need technology to do the heavy lifting.
Adding machine translation with an intuitive interface and B2B terminology makes it easier and faster for you to translate your content.

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Translate 2 documents/day lock icon Maximum data security
Translate DOCX and PPTX documents lock icon Translate multiple documents & file formats
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World class, instant machine translation

Enjoy the highest quality instant translations to support your needs.

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Drag and drop documents

Receive instant translations without losing file formatting.

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Maximum data security

Benefit from a solution that supports your security requirements, ensuring maximum data security.

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Built for business

Customised, instant translations based on your translation memory and focused on your business terminology.

Instant translation keeps your organisation moving forward

Review documents

Does your Regional Director in Brazil need approval for a job description, in Portuguese? Instant translation helps you make the right decision at the opportune time.

Share more effectively

When you need to communicate something to your colleagues quickly, and understood locally, LanguageWire Translate lets you inform them when it’s most crucial, rather than convenient.

Engage on social

Improving engagement and customer satisfaction on social media can’t always wait for the next available representative. Say “hello” in their language, right now.

Patch it now

Your app’s security update is ready for release, but the patch notes are in English and your customer’s in France. LanguageWire Translate keeps your team agile, your work secure, and your product in play.

Stay a step ahead

Your Sales Director in Germany wants an early look at the size of the new sales brochure for their markets. Drag and drop it into LanguageWire Translate to fix character length issues before they arise.

Seamless workflow

Enhance your workflow and eliminate the need for manual copying and pasting by securely translating content directly from your Edge browser.

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LanguageWire always ensures high-quality translations with respect for the field in which we are based. This allows our employees to invest more time in their core tasks: guiding the self-employed.

Bruno Van de moortel

Head of marketing & communication, Xerius


High-quality translations

Your terminology every time

Improve the accuracy of your real-time translations by seamlessly integrating your organization's unique terminology into the machine translation workflow through the power of AI Terminology with a LanguageWire Translate add-on.Guarantee that undesired terms are omitted from your translations, while consistently applying your preferred vocabulary choices on every occasion.

Our in-house team of machine translation experts, is your team

LanguageWire’s engineers are at the forefront of artificial intelligence. We are here to advise you on our advances in machine learning, and incorporate them to benefit your content workflow with NMT (Neural Machine Translation).

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Find a plan for your needs

Get access to high-quality instant translations with enterprise class data security.

Ideal for businesses with occasional translation needs.
per month
• 100 documents/mo • Up to 20 users • Secure translation behind login • 99€ setup fee
Ideal for businesses with moderate translation needs.
per month
• 250 documents/mo • Up to 50 users • Secure translation behind login • 99€ setup fee

Optional add-ons

AI Terminology* Only available for customers with a termbase
• 119€/mo
• 99€ setup fee

Translation Memory (TM)
• 119€/mo
• 99€ setup fee
• Unlimited TMs included
• Re-sync with live TM

Most popular
Ideal for businesses with regular translation needs.
per month
• 500 documents/mo • Up to 100 users • Secure translation behind login• 99€ setup fee

Optional add-ons

AI Terminology* Only available for customers with a termbase
• 199€/mo
• 99€ setup fee

Translation Memory (TM)
• 199€/mo
• 99€ setup fee
• Unlimited TMs included
• Re-sync with live TM

Custom solution tailored to the needs of your enterprise.
• Tailored volumes/mo • Tailored number of users • Secure translation behind login

Optional add-ons

AI Terminology* Only available for customers with a termbase

Translation Memory (TM)
• Tailored pricing
• Unlimited TMs included
• Re-sync with live TM

Enhance your instant translations

Customise your instant translations with a Translation Memory add-on

A Translation Memory add-on is ideal for customers with an existing Translation Memory loaded with validated, brand-specific content.
The result: brand consistency and increased efficiency across all translation projects.

AI engine trained on your vast Translation Memory to boost your work

Your enterprise can benefit from a custom machine translation engine, tailored to your needs. We continuously train it to optimise your workflows and ensure delivery of high-quality, brand-aligned multilingual content.

Workflow illustration

Receive instant translations without losing formatting by dragging and dropping documents

Instant translation

With LanguageWire Translate you can copy and paste your text or drag and drop your documents and receive instant translations.

Multiple file formats supported

Simply drag and drop documents and receive instant translations without losing formatting.

Quick access

Access LanguageWire Translate in the browser or via the Platform. Simply login with your credentials to ensure your translation takes place within our secure environment.

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Even more file formats coming soon.

Secure Machine translation

Did you know that you are likely breaking your own company’s security protocol when using a third-party tool for translation?

LanguageWire adheres to international security standards and quality management best practices.

The LanguageWire Content Platform utilises a Private Cloud Infrastructure, we make enterprise-level security at our data centres a priority.

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ISO 9001 badge ISO 17100 badge ISO 18587 badge ISO 27001 badge

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