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Project Guide

Let the Project Guide take you through the process of building the best workflow for your needs. The easy-to-follow instructions help you bring together the perfect mix of language services. Setting up a new multilingual content project has never been so easy.

Easy to use

Simplify the ordering process by answering a few simple questions.

Take control

Find the perfect workflow for your project in a few simple steps.

About the Project Guide

Reaching customers around the globe is easier than ever due to modern trends such as digitalisation and globalisation. But, attention is a zero-sum game. You now need to create better content than ever before to captivate your audience.

Creating this high-value multilingual content can be complex. Content comes in many different formats, which makes it hard enough to create in itself. But this challenge increases dramatically by taking new language versions and cultural contexts into account. This means the number of options available to create your multilingual content can be daunting – just take a look at the broad range of services available range of services via LanguageWire.

An easy-to-follow guide

Fortunately, LanguageWire’s role is to help you collaborate with a global team of language experts in an optimal way. We created the Project Guide so you can find the best workflow for your needs. The guide asks you a series of simple questions to piece together the perfect mix of language services.

How it works

Step 1: What kind of language work do you need done?

  • Author – Would you like someone to create your content from scratch? Then you’ll need some form of copywriting.
  • Improve – Have a language expert look at your content and take the quality from good to great. This includes services such as text editing and proofreading.
  • Translate – Have your content converted from one language to another and reach your global audience. Here you can choose from translation services such as creative translation as well as quality control steps.

Step 2: Select a service

  • Now you choose from the available range of services available for your specific needs.

Step 3: Finalise your project

  • You now have a workflow suited to your needs.
  • Now it’s time to finalise your project by providing a brief, reference materials and other project information.
  • Your project is now ready to be ordered.

In short

  • Find the best workflow for your needs
  • Answer a series of simple questions
  • Add project information
  • Start your project
Project Overview