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We ensure your data is secure and that you always receive high-quality content

LanguageWire adheres to international security standards and quality management best practices. You can be sure you receive high-quality translations and that your data is secure.

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LanguageWire is serious about data protection, quality management, and translation workflows

An ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS)

ISO 27001 is an international standard for the secure management of information. It’s a well-known certification which provides requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) within an organisation. An ISMS covers people, processes and IT systems and ensures our ability to manage sensitive information correctly and keep data secure.

LanguageWire is an ISO 27001 certified business, something which only a handful of our peers in the language industry have achieved. We have demonstrable internal policies and procedures which cover a range of information security topics. In addition to a robust risk management process, we have developed a framework for asset management (including data classification), incident handling and various technical checks for LanguageWire’s systems and servers.

ISO 17100 certified translation workflows

For LanguageWire users, the ISO 17100 certification ensures adherence to best-in-class processes on translation projects. ISO 17100 is a rigorous standard which requires evidence of translator qualifications, translator competences, project manager competence, the professional management of core processes as well as other processes related to the delivery of high-quality translation services.

ISO 9001 quality management systems

Quality is a priority for LanguageWire, we’ve put robust quality management systems in place so that you can rest assured that you get what you ordered when creating global content with LanguageWire. ISO 9001 requires quality management processes and standards, including a strong customer focus, a professional process approach, and a focus on continual improvement.

ISO 18587 Post-editing of Machine Translation Output

LanguageWire is an ISO 18587 certified business, demonstrating that our processes for post-editing machine translation output comply with rigorous international quality standards.

This certification is the assurance you need to know that LanguageWire's post-editing service delivers human-quality translations whilst speeding up your time to market.

LanguageWire complies with privacy laws and respects users’ rights

Our customers work from a wide range of countries around the globe. To ensure compliance with regional privacy laws, we set ourselves a high standard when handling user data.

We are compliant with the following privacy regulations:

Data privacy is fundamental to everything that we do. We value the principles of granular consent, transparency, the right for users to access their data, and the right to be forgotten, among other measures that protect users’ data. For more information, please read LanguageWire’s privacy policy.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

The LanguageWire Content Platform utilises a Private Cloud Infrastructure. We store all of our platform data within the EU, and we make enterprise-level security at our data centres a priority, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, our data centre provider is ISAE 3402 certified, which ensures a high level of physical security.


All customer data is stored and processed via the LanguageWire Private Cloud Infrastructure. All data is stored in the EU, and IT facilities are managed according to ISO 27001 requirements.


Continuous Availability (CA): System monitoring and incident management processes are in place to ensure maximum platform availability (better than 99.99% for hardware).

Disaster Recovery (DR): All production data is stored in a secondary LanguageWire data centre for geo-resilience (e.g. destruction of the primary data centre due to flood or fire).

Backups: In addition to CA and DR, we’ve implemented a classical backup approach to aid the immediate restoration of data in case of system failure.

Scalability and cost-efficiency

Our IT team continuously monitors infrastructure elements and resources are dynamically added as required as part of our capacity management process. This agile approach helps LanguageWire choose the most effective technological solutions and deliver optimal service quality.

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