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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector

Save time, money and resources by ordering your localisation projects directly in your Salesforce environment, and reduce the complexity and time to market for bringing your eCommerce storefront to your global audience.

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Automate your localisation effortlessly in Salesforce

Enable a global audience

Easily create a multilingual storefront to reach customers no matter where they are in the world by connecting your Salesforce to the LanguageWire platform. With just a few clicks you can send and automatically receive your content back into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Page Designer to publish and share with the world!

Global network

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Access to a network of global experts

LanguageWire’s vast network of over 7,000 language and industry experts ensures each localization project you submit comes back to you at the highest quality. When you send a project through our Salesforce integration, it enters our secure, AI-powered cloud-based Platform to optimise each translation project.

Automated workflows to reduce your workload

Reach global audiences even faster while reducing the manual back-and-forth workload of a translation project by integrating to LanguageWire. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector does the work for you to save you time, money and resources.

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The most efficient way to translate your content


A direct link between your Salesforce and LanguageWire.


Integrated translations shorten your time-to-market.


No more annoying copy-paste errors.

Easy to use

Intuitive interface for quick translation ordering.


Increase productivity and reduce costs.


Centralise translation and keep an overview


HTTPS-encrypted data transfer for extra security.


Access a network of over 7,000 language experts.


Order from the familiar Salesforce UI.

Ready to reach your global audience?

It's time to start speaking the right language by using powerful technology to collaborate with a world of experts. Get in touch with the LanguageWire team or get started right away.