Smart Editor

The Smart Editor is an innovative way to work with multilingual text in a cloud-based tool. You'll see the source text and target text as well as matches from your Translation Memory and Termbase, allowing your own team to work with industry leading CAT tools.

Improved quality

Edit multilingual text in the Smart Editor and have all the tools of a professional translator at your fingertips.

Simple to use

Incredibly flexible, you can work with a wide range of file types in the simple to use editing interface.

How it works

Take the complexity out of working with words in multiple languages; the Smart Editor allows you to work with translation, proofreading and text editing just like a professional. The Smart Editor gives you access to an innovative translation tool that removes weird formatting and integrates with tools such as Termbases and Translation Memories. This means that when you're working with the Smart Editor, you can focus on the words and avoid the need to check terminology, search for previous translations and decipher formatting.

Web-based and flexible

The Smart Editor is an essential part of the LanguageWire Collaboration Platform that our language experts use every day. It’s web-based and perfect for in-house translations, proofreading, and internal reviews (validation). You work with your texts in a predefined and systematic workflow, optimising your multilingual content creation process. Incredibly flexible, you can work with a wide range of file types in the Smart Editor. These include formats like .ttx, .txt, .xml, .indd, .docx, .xlf and .ts without having to worry about formatting and codes making your work difficult.

Integrates with your Translation Memory

You’ll be able to make use of previously translated texts when working in the Smart Editor as its integrated with your Translation Memory. When a new text is uploaded, it scans and recognises sentences that have already been partially or fully translated. Based on that, it suggests previously completed translations that you can either use or edit. The really cool part is the more you translate, the more time you save as the memory is automatically updated with your new translations so your dynamic database of stays up-to-date with no extra work.

Utilises your Termbase

The Smart Editor is also integrated with your Termbase – a contraction for terminology database. This contains terms which are relevant for your company and your industry and provides extra information such as who added the term, when and helpful notes. By using a Termbase you ensure quality through consistent communication, since your multilingual content always uses the correct terminology. Additionally, you save time as you instantly see the words you want to use in your communication when creating multilingual content.

Smart Editor

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