Smart Editor

Take the hassle out of the review process. The Smart Editor is a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool that seamlessly integrates with your translation workflow. Your in-house team will effortlessly review and approve translations with this easy-to-use web-based application.

Easy to use

Sophisticated software with an intuitive interface that’s perfect for new users and seasoned pros.

Improve quality

A powerful online tool with built-in translation memories, termbases, and machine translation.

Increase productivity

A web-based tool that shortens your time-to-publish by seamlessly integrating with your workflows.

Web-based and flexible

The LanguageWire Smart Editor is a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool that seamlessly integrates with your translation workflow. It shortens time-to-publish by automating manual tasks such as copy-paste and searching through previous translations.

The web-based editing tool is an essential part of the LanguageWire Collaboration Platform that our language experts use every day. But, it’s more than just a tool that takes away the robotic parts of the translation process. It’s an important part of streamlining your review process as well.

Streamline review processes

We call our review solution validation. You’ll find the Smart Editor keeps this important process as simple as possible. When you include validation in your project, we immediately notify validators once your content is ready for review. They can then check translations in the intuitive web-based editing tool, which handily highlights all relevant information. It’s easy to keep an overview of changes thanks to transparent reporting.

Your team works with your content in a predefined and systematic workflow, optimising your multilingual content creation process. We’ve put a lot of thought into improving efficiency. Handy shortcuts and a noise-free interface keep the focus on your content.

Automates translation processes

The Smart Editor eliminates manual tasks for your language experts. Your terminology is always at hand with Termbase integration. Translators have the power to store and retrieve translations thanks to the integrated Translation Memory. And machine translation speeds up the process by offering instant pre-translation, taking the focus away from typing.

Integrates with your Translation Memory

Language experts make use of previously translated texts thanks to Translation Memory integration. When new content is added, it scans and recognises sentences that have already been partially or fully translated. Based on that, The Smart Editor suggests previously completed translations. The more content you translate, the more time and money you save.

Utilises your Termbase

The Smart Editor integrates with your Termbase – a contraction for terminology database. The Termbase contains terms which are relevant to your brand. By using a Termbase, you ensure quality through consistent communication. Additionally, language experts save time as they instantly see relevant terms when creating multilingual content.


The following is a list of standard features in that we think you’ll love in Smart Editor:

Works with multiple content types – Supports LanguageWire Connector translations and document translations in the following file formats: .docx, .htm/.html, .txt, .xlf/.xliff/.sdl, .resx.

A complete CAT tool – Integrated with your Translation Memory and Termbase. It also offers instant machine translations, so you spend less time typing.

Web-based –  No installation, no upgrading, and integrated into your LanguageWire workflows.

Tailored to your needs – Multiple modes depending on what you need to get done: Translation, review, and implementation (i.e. review feedback to the translator).

Context – When translating documents, you can preview the target document and view of the source document. When editing, segments are grouped logically giving you more context.

Concordance search – Search your Translation Memory for a word, phrase or text segment.

Track changes – View the change history of the target segments and keep track of who has done what.

Work offline – You can work offline by exporting and importing SDL project packages. You’re also able to export and import plain XLIFF files.

No clutter – An eye-friendly user interface without the clutter. The active segment is shown in a larger font, and font sizes can be scaled up and down.

Easy-to-use – Extensive shortcut support, and shortcuts are documented directly in the user interface with visual clues.

Secure – Document access is authenticated through the LanguageWire platform.

In Short

  • Facilitates and supports translation
  • Seamless integration with your workflows
  • Validate text in an intuitive user interface
  • Integrates with your Translation Memory and Termbase
  • Provides automatic machine translation suggestions
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