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Struggling to communicate with the right terminology in all languages? Improve the consistency and quality of your content with a Termbase. Your dynamic database of approved terms is always on hand when language experts work with your content.

Greater consistency

Improve quality through consistent usage of terms in your multilingual content.

Shorter time-to-market

Language experts instantly see the words you want to use in your communication.

How it works

Brands and industries have their own language. Is your company ‘innovative’ or ‘inventive’? How is ‘editor’ translated into German in your marketing communication or your technical documents? All communication affects your brand. That’s why it’s important your team gets your message right in all languages. You’ll need an easy-to-use tool to achieve this, and a Termbase provides just that.

Your 'terminology database'

Termbase is a contraction of ‘terminology database’. It helps you ensure consistency and enhances the quality of your brand’s communication. When you use the Termbase, your language expert team has an overview of all your terms. They can also see the approval and usage status, languages, notes, the creation date and last edit date

Open Termbase and multiple Termbases

You’ll grow your Termbase by adding new terms, browsing terms and checking for duplicates. Need to use your Termbase somewhere else? Export it in common file formats, including Excel, SDL MultiTerm and CSV. Context is key when creating high-quality communication. That’s why we make it possible to have multiple Termbases for sub-brands or departments.

Fully integrated

Translators, proofreaders and validators have instant access to relevant terminology in LanguageWire. The Termbase is also included in offline project packages, so your translation team always has access to the right terminology. If you don’t have the in-house resources to keep your Termbase up-to-date, our expert team can provide termbase management. They’ll help you grow your Termbase to ensure proper use of terms in your technical documentation, marketing materials or general company communication.

In short

  • An online tool for the consistent usage of key brand terms
  • View approval and usage status, languages, notes, the creation date and last edit date
  • Language experts view your terms when using LanguageWire
  • You can export your Termbase for implementation in other software