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Translation Memory Management

Benefit from an innovative tool that automatically searches and reuses words, sentences, and entire texts that have already been translated. When working with a Translation Memory, you’ll save time, money and improve communication consistency.

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About translation memory management

Do we have a version of our latest boilerplate text in Chinese? I’m sure we’ve translated that product description already! We should pay less when most of this has been translated before, right? With LanguageWire’s Translation Memory, these questions vanish as everything thing you have translated is digitally stored for future reference and reuse. The innovative tool makes it easy to recycle words, sentences and entire texts that have already been translated by a LanguageWire language expert.

Shorter time-to-market

Reuse words, sentences, and entire texts for maximum translation efficiency.

Save money

Pay less when a word, sentence or entire paragraph already exists for a language pair.

Greater consistency

The same phrases are used even when multiple translators work with your content.

A powerful tool

Our team developed this solution with over a decade of knowledge and it is one of the core features of the LanguageWire Collaboration Platform. When working in the LanguageWire editor, the source text is scanned and the translator is notified when there is a matching translation from a previous project. Making this tool even more powerful, the search doesn’t have to correspond 100% because partial matches are also detected.

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The more you translate, the more you save

You no longer have to rummage in archives to send old translations to translators; if a phrase can be reused directly, you pay less for translation. And as more translations are completed with LanguageWire, the database becomes larger and larger. This means that your potential savings increase and you can even find much of the translated content you need without actually having to send it to be translated. This doesn't just save you time and money, but also provides greater language consistency in your content.


Multiple Translation Memories

Context is key when creating high-quality communication. That’s why we make it possible to have multiple translation memories for sub-brands or departments. Additionally, you may have an abundance of previously translated material that you’d like to add to a Translation Memory. Or maybe you need some outdated translations removed. This creation, updating and maintenance of translation memories is called translation memory management. We provide this service so you can get maximum value out of your translations.

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How can we help you?

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