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Efficient translation
in Umbraco

We make it easy to translate your global website in Umbraco. With a LanguageWire Connector, you can speed up the translation of your website, while at the same time eliminating copy-paste errors.

Translate faster with an Umbraco Connector

Creating and translating website content takes time. With an Umbraco Connector from LanguageWire, you can automate website translation and speed up the process. With minimal setup, you can translate content pages and modules directly from your Umbraco content management system (CMS).

All it takes is a few simple clicks. By eliminating manual tasks through automation, you can save time and use it to focus on creating the right content for reaching your customers.

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Increase productivity

Eliminate time-consuming, manual steps in your multilingual content creation process.

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Reach more customers

Create content with a network of language experts who are specialists in more than 175 languages.

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Centralise translations and maintain an overview of projects within your Umbraco platform.

Integrated with your Umbraco system

Use the Translation Manager as a foundation of the integration. Translation Manager is provided by Jumoo, and is a proven solution that makes it easy to translate content. The LanguageWire Connector is installed on top of the Translation Manager as a provider.

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Smooth synchronisation

Stable and secure synchronisation between Umbraco and LanguageWire, so that issues such as system crashes and loss of Internet connection won’t disturb your projects and deadlines.

Laptop showing the LanguageWire Connector interface

Quick to install

The Umbraco connector is simple and quick to install and configure. You can set up workflows to enable in-house content validation or have LanguageWire process it all for you.

Laptop showing the LanguageWire Connector interface

How it works



The connector is installed as a plugin and uses the Translation Manager module for Umbraco, so ordering only takes a few clicks. Simply select the content you want to send for translation, select the target languages and you are ready to go.

You can also set the invoicing account and translation workflow you need for the project or you can keep these parameters hidden through configuration, if you have a fixed workflow you always want to use. You can order a single page or select pages in bulk for translation.

You also have a queuing option to allow adding pages in a pending queue, and once you are ready, you can select the pages in the queue and create your translation job.


Checking and handling

Our Umbraco Connector has an automatic validation function, which checks and validates content before it is sent for translation. Once you’ve started a project, you can always follow the progress directly in your Umbraco CMS or navigate directly from the project overview in Umbraco to the details in the LanguageWire Content Platform.



When your translation is finished, it’s sent back to your Umbraco CMS automatically, and you’ll be notified. You can get an email from the LanguageWire Content Platform or you can set up notifications inside Umbraco. Now all you have to do is approve and publish in Umbraco.

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The most efficient way to translate your content


A direct link between your Umbraco CMS and LanguageWire.


Integrated translations shorten your time-to-market.


No more annoying copy-paste errors.


Intuitive interface for quick translation ordering.


Increase productivity and reduce costs.


Centralise translation and keep an overview


HTTPS-encrypted data transfer for extra security.


Access a network of over 7,000 language experts.


Order from the familiar Umbraco UI.

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