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Content solutions for marketing and advertising

The words you choose are critical, and you want them to have an equal impact across all languages. LanguageWire gives you everything you need to create great multilingual content; including expert advice, technical know-how and a powerful language platform.

Stand out in a competitive space

You are from a marketing consultancy or agency. And you know translation, localisation and efficient content workflows are a vital part of any brand or content strategy. Whether you create content for ambitious brands or are looking for a better way to communicate your value proposition, LanguageWire has the tools you need to succeed.

LanguageWire makes it easy to create great content, in any format, for all audiences. Your words, images or audio are in good hands when you start a project in our online platform or via an integrated solution. Our mix of unique technology and skilled language experts ensure that your content, or that of your customers, is communicated effectively in all languages.

The only platform you need to create multilingual marketing and advertising content

Blog posts

Brochures and magazines

Digital and print advertising

Internal communication


Press releases

Social media content

Subtitles and voiceover

Websites and apps

Cross-channel marketing activation

Your content needs to connect with real people, meaning it needs to appear on the right channels in their language. LanguageWire gives you the ability to localise the full spectrum of marketing content, from press releases and product descriptions to high-velocity short texts and subtitling for social videos.

Cross channel

Improve CX with better language interactions

Websites, apps, VR environments and good ol’ print communication need to provide a memorable experience. Language is a fundamental part of this, no matter which medium you use. Are you a consultancy? Then translate your market research, insights, presentations and analysis to give readers a clearer understanding of your findings.

Customer Experience (CX)

Robust content workflows

Part of creating content or supporting your customers from strategy to implementation is the developmentof robust content workflows. LanguageWire is a purpose-built platform which makes it easy to get stuff done.
By changing from a “translation is a cost” perspective to “what’s the ROI of this language” mindset,you open up massive opportunities to grow brands.


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