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Technical translation by subject-matter experts

Precision and consistency are key when producing technical texts in different languages. Our technical translators have a deep understanding of your industry and its terminology.

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Clear and effective communication from experienced technical translators

Whether it's for regulatory compliance or educating customers on how to use your product, accurate translation of your technical documentation is vital. A technical translator has the technical writing experience your content requires and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and associated terminology.

Which type of industry specific translation do you need?

Ensure your technical documents use the right terms in every language. Our technical translators are up-to-date with the newest versions of common tools and specialist terminology required for your industry.

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Jenoptik operates across 3 different technical segments in over 80 countries.


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The project management team is excellent and stands out from competitors. Having handpicked specialist translators who match our 5 fields of expertise is also a plus. With this setup, we know that we will receive high-quality content every time.

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Your team of language experts

Accuracy is particularly important for technical content, so we set you up with the right team of language experts for your brand when you start working with LanguageWire. Open collaboration with your team in the platform further streamlines content creation and improves results.

Read more about creating your own team.

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Technical translators no matter the subject

Our native-speaking technical translators specialise in a variety of subjects, including government, manufacturing and legal. All translators have at least three years of translation experience plus relevant experience in their specialist field.

Our technical translators are also up-to-date with the newest versions of common tools in the technical writing field, such as MadCap Flare, DITA, InDesign and Framemaker.

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A platform with everything you need to create multilingual content

You need to work in a different way, you need new technology to scale your translations.
LanguageWire’s unique language platform makes it easy to create great content in any language so you can grow your business.

Ensure your technical documents use the right terms in every language

User manual

User manuals

Customers want easy-to-understand user manuals. Coleco learned this the hard way. In 1983, the company lost $35 million in a single quarter and subsequently went bankrupt. Part of the blame was attributed to poor quality manuals. Our technical translators will ensure your product manuals make sense in any language. Source: How Does This #%*@! Thing Work? - Time magazine



Taking your patent global requires specialised translation. The wording of a patent certificate is complex and requires expert knowledge. Our technical translators are highly skilled, subject-matter experts who ensure your patent is accurate in any language.


Health and safety documents

Whether you need safety reports, instructions for use or patient information leaflets, it’s essential that health and safety documents are accurate. Our technical translators ensure accuracy and consistency in terminology. Make your documents compliant in any language with high-quality technical translation.

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Your journey to a powerful, seamless language management experience starts here! Tell us about your needs and we will tailor the perfect solution to your enterprise.

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"I asked around and several people I know recommended
LanguageWire and are happy with the response time, price and
quality, so the choice was pretty easy – and I’m very happy with
that decision."

Sebastian Helgesson,
Yamaha Music Europe

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