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Copywriting to meet customer needs

Let our professional copywriters write high-quality text for you, freeing up your time for other tasks. With relevant industry experience, copywriters know how to speak to your customers and create powerful content.


Expert copywriters help you
create more content

Writing quality content takes time. And customers want more. Nearly half of B2B buyers look at three-to-five pieces of content before contacting a sales representative and more than half rely on content to research before buying. The demand to produce content that educates is steadily increasing. We connect you with professional copywriters, who have experience in your field, to help you meet your content demands.

Source: Demand Gen Report

Let our copywriters create compelling content for you

Writing in a language other than your own is difficult, which is why we only connect you with native-speaker copywriters. They take your brief and turn it into an informative article, entertaining blog post or captivating product description.


A good brief gives you the best results

There is no source text when you work with copywriters; they create text based on your brief. It’s important to write a detailed brief to get the best results. Your brief can include information such as style, tone, word count, product specs and terminology.


Whatever your need, we have an expert who can help

Our global network of language experts includes copywriters who are experienced in creating content for a wide range of situations. These include advertising copy in Arabic, newsletters in Bengali, pay-per-click (PPC) ads in Portuguese, search engine optimization (SEO) in Spanish, product descriptions in German and thought leadership content in Danish.


A platform built for collaboration

Close collaboration is vital when creating quality copy. Your copywriter needs to understand your needs and you have to provide feedback. LanguageWire is built with collaboration in mind. We make it easy to contact your copywriter directly—no need to communicate through your project manager.


When to use copywriting

Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Thought leadership content is important. In fact, 96 per cent of B2B buyers want more input from industry thought leaders. Employees within your company have the knowledge to create convincing content, but they might not be expert writers. A copywriter with experience in your field can write long-form content to help your company establish thought leadership. Source: Demand Gen Report

Quotation marks


Slogan and taglines are a memorable way to promote your company or its products. Just Do It. I’m Lovin’ It. Because You’re Worth It. These slogans are all familiar, but catchy text is difficult to write. A copywriter can create unique text to help set your company and products apart. Collaborate directly with your copywriter to come up with a creative phrase that sticks in customers’ minds.


Landing pages

Dedicated landing pages are essential to get the best conversion rates. In fact, 43 per cent of marketers say they are “very effective” and 49 per cent say “somewhat effective.” In order to get leads, you need high-quality content that matches visitor expectations. We can connect you with professional copywriters with SEO expertise to write relevant text for your landing pages. Source: MarketingSherpa

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