Create compelling marketing, brand or promotional copy with expert copywriters from around the globe. We connect you with native copywriters who work from your brief including style, tone, word count and product specs to create quality copy.

Reach more people

Add a deeper cultural connection to your copy and engage local audiences.

Create more content

Create new content in multiple languages based off your brief.

About copywriting

Copywriting is an art which requires creativity, eloquence, patience, and the ability to take a sledgehammer to text if needed. When creating new content for your business, the ability to follow a brief and write the perfect prose for the project is vital skill as well.

Know your audience

A copywriting specialist understands your audience’s needs and desires, tapping into the target industry or sector. Most importantly, they create text that is comprehensive, crisp and concise. In contrast to creative translation, there is no 'source' text with copywriting; it’s an entirely new creation based purely off your brief of desired word count, tone and terminology. As you can imagine, close collaboration is vital when creating quality copy like this. Fortunately, the LanguageWire Collaboration Platform was built for this purpose.

A wealth of knowledge

Our global network of language experts includes copywriters who are experienced in creating content for a wide range of situations. These include advertising copy in Arabic, newsletters in Bengali, pay-per-click (PPC) ads in Portuguese, SEO in Spanish, product descriptions in German and thought leadership content in Danish.

A typical project

A typical copywriting project begins by laying down the foundations for your collaboration with the copywriter and agreeing on the project scope and duration. Depending on the length of the project, it might also be preferable for the copywriter to work in-house, rather than remotely. Next, briefings and reference material are collected to ensure the new foreign-language copy maintains your quality standards. From this point, your copywriter works directly with you to ensure that you enjoy a smooth collaboration.

Quality assurance is normally added to this workflow in the form of validation (in-house review), proofreading or text editing. This is common practise for all writers and recommended when creating content.

In short

  • Native-language, professional copywriting services
  • Copywriting specialists understand your target audience
  • Advertising, blogging and newsletters amongst core offerings
  • Flexible, collaborative process throughout


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