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Create engaging content with Text Editing

A professional text editor ensures your text is perfect and consistent with your brand. Improve the style, flow and tone of voice of your content so it has maximum impact on your readers.

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Increase customer satisfaction with consistent communication

Consistency is one of the keys to keeping customers happy. Studies show brands with high consistency throughout the customer journey, including communication, have higher overall customer satisfaction. Companies that don’t have the resources to commit to Validation can rely on text editors to help produce consistent content. We connect you with native-speaker text editors, or copy editors, who review your text in detail.

Source: McKinsey & Company

Take your texts from good to great

Our professional text editors are experts in spelling, punctuation and grammar. They revise and make suggestions to your content improving writing style, overall readability, tone of voice, terminology use and even translation accuracy. Text editors help you reach your content goals.

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Contact your text editor directly

It’s easy to collaborate with your text editor through LanguageWire. No need to wait on your project manager - simply send a message whenever you want. A detailed brief is the best way to help your text editors meet your expectations. The more they know about the text style, target audience and purpose, the better results they deliver.

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Familiarity with your brand produces better results

If you want consistent communication, you need to work consistently with the same team of text editors. We help you create a preferred team of experts within your field. Over time, your team learns about your brand and tone of voice so you get high-quality, consistent content.

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Text editing saves you time when creating high-quality, compelling content

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Regular blog posts increase website traffic. Companies that published 16+ posts per month got 3.5 times more traffic than companies publishing zero-four. It’s difficult to find the time when each post takes an average of two hours to write. A text editor can reduce production time. You provide a draft and a text editor thoroughly reviews the text eliminating errors and adjusting style. Source: HubSpot.

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eBooks are valuable because you can share your company’s expert knowledge, enhance brand reputation and generate leads. Content marketing, like eBooks, generate three times as many leads. To get the lead, you need high-quality content. A text editor with experience in your field can help ensure your eBook is accurate and follows your brand style and guidelines. Source: Demand Metric

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Product descriptions

Product descriptions on your global online store aren’t merely informative, they also help sell your products. Nearly 60 percent of shoppers say rich product detail is “very important.” A text editor can enhance your product descriptions so you sell more. Help customers understand the true value of your products with text editing. Source: Astound Commerce

Proofreading vs text editing – What’s the difference?

How will my text be improved by proofreading? Is text editing any different? Here is an example of text for a newsletter where the source text has been edited by a proofreader and the source text has been edited by a text editor to show the differences between the services.

Source text

Say hello to new recruits
We are pleased to welcome our latest project manager to the team, James Wright. Previously James work with content provider Global Worldwide and he holds a Bachelor degree in English from University of Zurich.

Proofreading text

Say hello to the new recruit
We are pleased to welcome our latest project manager to the team, James Wright. James previously worked with content provider Global Worldwide and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Zurich.

Text Editing text

Say hello to your new team member
We are pleased to welcome James Wright, our newest project manager, to the team. James previously worked with content provider Global Worldwide, and he holds a BA in English from the University of Zurich.

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