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Text Editing

Your prose will be perfect when you work with an editor. This service provides a thorough review of your copy; cleaning up messy style, typos, incoherent copy and making sure that your words come across to the reader in the best possible way.

Improve quality and impact

Improve the style, flow and tone of voice of your content, taking it from good to great.

Improve productivity

Add text editing to an automated workflow and make better use of your time.

About text editing

When you need a pro to take a thorough look at your copy, you turn to a text editor, sometimes known as a copy editor. As with proofreaders, our professional text editors are masters of spelling, punctuation and grammar. The difference is that copy editors delve into style, tone of voice, terminology usage and translation accuracy as well.

Take your copy from good to great

Their tight grip on the fundamentals of good copywriting works like magic on your blog posts, e-commerce product descriptions, white papers and other high-quality forms of content. Taking your copy from good to great, our editors’ role is to keep the reader in mind and add clarity to your text.

This service is ideal for authors who are writing in a language other than their native tongue. It’s also perfect if you’re not able to validate (review) translations in-house before publication. In addition to being linguistically gifted and equipped with an eye for detail, LanguageWire gives you access to text editors with expertise in a diverse range of fields and industries.

Reference material

For prose-perfect editing, you’ll have the opportunity to provide all of the relevant reference material you have in your business’ arsenal. This material could be a style guide, corporate communication guide, standard texts, approved translations or termbases.

In short

  • A thorough review of your authored or translated text
  • Native, professional editors
  • Include relevant reference material for better results
Text Editing


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