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The Benefits of Cloud Migration for Language Service Providers

Verity Hartley at LanguageWire

Verity Hartley
Marketing Specialist, LanguageWire

Data being migrated into a cloud network environment

In 2006, Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, was the first person to use the term cloud computing in its modern sense. However, for over a decade, network architects used the cloud symbol to represent internet services in a computer network. And from this usage, the term "the cloud" was born and grew into the essential computing service it is today.

These days, cloud computing is everywhere and rapidly becoming the go-to solution for tech companies that want to offer their customers the best quality online service.

As LanguageWire strives to provide the best quality product for our customers, our team recently took the ambitious decision to move our entire ecosystem into the cloud. This technical project moved our translation management system from the traditional data centre-based hosting model to a much more resilient and scalable cloud-based service.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Migration for a Translation Management System?

We decided to move our language ecosystem to the cloud because we believe that the infrastructure offers numerous advantages to our customers, especially in the strategic areas of security, performance, and interoperability for a translation management system.

Let's look at three principal areas we should see a service benefit of the cloud migration.

#1 Scalability

In a cloud infrastructure, you are no longer as limited by scale. Network architecture doesn't restrict you in the same way that it would be in a physical location that requires you to purchase new machines and find space to house them.

This will allow us to grow along with our clients. As your business grows and your localisation demands grow with it, we will be able to be more agile in our response and get you the additional services you need to succeed online much more quickly.

It gives us flexibility in location as well. We are no longer physically restrained to one data centre. We can choose a cloud hosting site closer to you, which will provide you with a better experience and faster response time when using our applications.

#2 Security

Data security is essential when working online and inside a secure translation process. Many translation companies are unaware of the risks of sending your data, which could be highly confidential, outside their company network.

We have brought our entire language ecosystem inside a cloud environment with enterprise-level security end to end. Our customers can manage the whole translation process behind a secure firewall with fully controlled access and data encryption through all the stages. Only translation project collaborators will have any accessibility to your data and content.

#3 Reliability

A great benefit of cloud migration is the improved service continuity in a worst-case scenario. Running translation projects on local devices can result in significant data loss if there is a technical outage or an essential piece of equipment malfunctions entirely.

With your applications in the cloud, you can mirror environments easily and make it possible to swap quickly between them if necessary. Your experience should remain uninterrupted, and all your content and data remain backed up and safe. As a customer, you may not even be aware if there was a major incident, as everything happens automatically with zero downtime.

Is Your Language Service Provider in the Cloud?

If you are looking for a translation company that hosts their translation management system in the most secure, reliable, and scalable environment, then you should speak to LanguageWire.

Our language management ecosystem will offer you everything you need via an online platform you can access securely anywhere. Learn more about how we can help your business grow in a multilingual marketplace.

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