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How Generative AI Can Help Elevate Your Work and Boost Efficiency

Generative AI Use Cases

Verity Hartley at LanguageWireVerity Hartley , Marketing Specialist, LanguageWire ||  Reading Time: 3 minutes

In the last year, awareness of Generative AI has skyrocketed. The availability of newer and more powerful GPT models has given everyone a chance to benefit from this new technology.

But what exactly are those benefits? How is generative AI really going to change the way you work and why should we be investing our time in understanding these new, powerful tools.

Let's look at some ways you can use AI to help you work smarter and faster than ever.

Kickstart Creativity

Generative AI is a great starting point for getting your ideas on the page. When working creatively, nothing can be worse than blank page syndrome, where the cursor blinks at you incessantly while you wait for inspiration to strike.

From creating article outlines, to writing first drafts of content, Generative AI can help you jump start your creativity and speed up your workflows. Use it to create first draft outlines or give you heading ideas to get you started. If you’re really stuck it can even create a first draft from scratch to fill that first page.

You can use the new wave of AI tools to help break this cycle and start getting new ideas on the page for you to then finesse with your own style, voice and creativity.

Maintain Consistency & Quality

When working on multilingual content, you want to always maintain a consistent tone of voice and use the right business language. This can be tricky when you have content creators or translators working all around the world and often across different languages.

By interlinking your Generative AI tool with your company termbase and other linguistic assets like translation memories, you can ensure that any content your AI tool generates for you will maintain the correct business tone and language to ensure consistency.

You can train your AI model on your linguistic assets to ensure that it knows your tone of voice, what terms you use and how to spell and write them correctly. This will save you time and effort when validating and boost the overall quality of your content.

Personalise Customer Experiences

It can be difficult to provide always-on multilingual customer service, especially on a global scale. However, AI chatbots can help provide a customer service presence even when your employees are off the clock.

With the latest versions of AI models, these chatbots can be programmed to provide a huge amount of personalised interaction with your customers, in their own language.

Always-on AI chatbots can provide friendly, helpful support to your customers at any time of the day and respond in a conversational manner that seems natural. They can pull data directly from customer databases to personalise the experience and make answering customer queries simple in any language.

Boost Productivity

Data analysis is one of the key areas where AI can help make our lives much easier. AI models are trained on large datasets, and they can easily absorb, review and analyse data in a second before returning the results in an easy-to-read format.

One powerful way this can be used is to summarise long texts. AI can quickly read and create a summary of a longer document by identifying the key points and adding them to a bulleted list. It can also create short-form copy from long-form documents, for example it could build social media posts based on blog articles.

You can input large data sets of any variety into your AI tool and asking them to identify trends, format the content in a variety of ways or to extract key information quickly and easily, cutting down on the manual effort required.

Additionally, you can use an AI tool to help you be more productive in other tools such as Excel by asking you to write a formula that will analyse your data for you in that application.

You do need to be careful about where and what data you upload to open and public AI tools as there is no protection on who can see your data once it is uploaded. Make sure you only upload sensitive data to a company you trust who can provide assurances that nothing will be kept or shared after the task is completed.

Make Generative AI work for you

Generative AI is a powerful tool that you can use to enhance your daily workflows. From creativity to communication, the possibilities are endless. Getting the most out of AI includes understanding how to input the right prompt. If you would like to learn more about AI prompting, read our detailed guide.

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