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LanguageWire acquires Finland-based language service provider (LSP) becoming the largest Nordic LSP

LanguageWire Acquires Finnish LSP Delingua

Copenhagen, Denmark – 3 August 2023: The Danish tech-enabled language service provider (LSP) LanguageWire has acquired Delingua, a Finland-based LSP delivering translation and interpretation services to predominantly the Finnish market. With the acquisition, LanguageWire becomes the largest Nordic LSP while also strengthening its competitive position in Finland.

“Delingua has a solid track record and deep expertise, and they have built many long-term customer relationships among leading brands in Finland. The acquisition of Delingua establishes us as the largest language service provider in the Nordics and is a further step towards making us a leading European LSP”, says LanguageWire CEO Søren Bech Justesen. “Together with Delingua we create a unique position in the Finnish market to further engage global Finnish customers. I look forward to welcoming Delingua into the LanguageWire culture.”

LanguageWire’s and Delingua’s core markets and competencies complement each other well, creating a stronger offering for existing and potential customers. Delingua will integrate into the LanguageWire Ecosystem, where the development of leading AI technologies and strong people competencies remain at the centre.

Following the acquisition, the companies’ combined turnover exceeds €80M, with a presence in 14 countries across three continents and more than 450 employees.

“I am excited that we are joining forces with a leading, tech-driven language service provider. Our mission has always been to provide high-quality language services combined with excellent customer experience, and with LanguageWire, we are able to offer our customers next-generation AI translation technology as well,” says Katja Virtanen, CEO of Delingua.

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CEO, Søren Bech Justesen

T: +45 2911 0025


About LanguageWire

Founded in 2000, LanguageWire offers a language management ecosystem enabling enterprises to engage and communicate with any audience across the globe through bespoke AI technology and human expertise. Pursuing its vision of making global communications smarter and more efficient, LanguageWire adapts solutions to customer needs, automates workflows, and delivers multilingual content services within a secure infrastructure.

About Delingua

Delingua is a leading Finnish Language Service Provider. The mission of Delingua is to provide high quality language services in a simple, cost-effective manner and to be the most important partner for their clients in all their language service needs.

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