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Webinar: The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead Webinar

In March 2024, LanguageWire hosted a deep-dive webinar with our in-house technical experts to look at our technology roadmap especially focused on upcoming AI Translation developments.

The session was moderated by Anja Damgaard-Holm and the technical presentations were made by our Chief of Product and Technology Roeland Hofkens and Senior Director of Product Management, Waldemar Schwarz.

You can watch the full replay of the webinar itself here or, if you prefer you can read our short summary of the event highlights just below the video player.

LanguageWire has a long history of building tailor-made machine translation engines for its customers. LanguageWire's MT currently has over 100 language pairs in production and has been used to translate billions of words.

However, things have been changing rapidly in the last year, with the arrival of new powerful Large Language Models into the marketplace which has caused a paradigm shift to take place in the language service industry.

Roeland Hofkens explained how due to this change businesses are now looking for enterprise-grade AI solutions to work at scale and which also take the needs of the data into account.

LanguageWire have several main business use cases for enterprise-grade AI in the pipeline. The first being AI dubbing, a tool which will generate new voice from text based on synthetic voices.

The second use case focused on a content authoring tool that will allow users to generate entirely new texts. This can be done by calling on their existing enterprise assets, such as their termbase, to ensure the correct business terminology is used in any text they generate.

Additionally, LanguageWire will focus on three pillars when developing their AI model those of security, quality and ease of use. Roeland assured the audience that LanguageWire will continue to provide the highest levels of data security through data perimeter management ensuring that all business data will be kept isolated and secure from other clients. It should be emphasised that LanguageWire works in compliance with GDPR and the European AI Act.

Waldemar Schwarz highlighted the importance of automation and how customers will not need to worry about applying linguistic assets manually to get the best results from their AI tools. All of this will be done automatically ensuring that UTMs are kept up to date and prompts are automatically augmented to achieve the best results from the data.

The webinar also explored the powerful benefits of Languagewire Translate which can be trained to use translation memoires to enhance all kinds of generated content, including marketing texts.

Other enhancements in LanguageWire Translate include an upcoming translation feature for PDF documents and OCR capabilities.

The session ended with insightful questions from the attending audience, deeper diving into the topic.

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