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LanguageWire Quality Goals

LanguageWire Quality Goals

LanguageWire quality goals represent our promise to our customers on two key deliverables. 

Our quality goals are expressed as follows: 

We will use a fixed team of preferred suppliers in more than 90% of all jobs delivered to the customer and more than 98% of all jobs will be delivered on time.

Jobs Completed by Preferred Supplier Team (90%)

Each of our clients has a team of preferred suppliers when they order translations with us. LanguageWire helps the client to identify translators within a given language combination and subject field to translate their texts. Over time, the translators with whom the client works almost become extensions of the client’s company and experts in the client’s products and terminology.

This means that we can ensure high quality and consistency in our deliveries, as the supplier has a good understanding of the client’s business and the specific preferences of the client in terms of style, flow, consistency and terminology.

We normally select one primarily preferred translator, a secondary and a tertiary preferred translator for our clients. For enterprise accounts, we may select several primarily preferred translators.

Jobs Completed on Time (98%)

A LanguageWire quality goal is for 98% of all translation assignments to be delivered on time. This quality goal ensures that a client can always rely on the agreed delivery time. The supplier plays an important role in fulfilling this goal, which is closely monitored by the project manager responsible for each project.