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Our Values - What You Can Expect from Collaborating with LanguageWire

Verity Hartley at LanguageWire  LanguageWire ||  Reading Time: 3 minutes

With the great resignation upon us and trends like "quiet quitting" covering our LinkedIn feeds, the importance of focusing on "what is the purpose of my work " is greater than ever. For LanguageWire, our purpose is the guiding North Star in our strategy. It's our statement to help lead our way and create greater meaning for our collective contributions. We also live by a set of core values. They serve as a basis for how we behave and interact with each other, our partners, and customers.

We have spent time in 2021 developing our company purpose and values. With a clear why and how defined, we are stronger in all aspects of what we do, not only benefiting our employees but also our customers. At LanguageWire, we strongly believe in our purpose of wiring the world together with language to help simplify communication and truly enable connections with others. By living by our values of Curious, Trustworthy, Caring, and Ambitious, we can guarantee that all interactions are rooted in what LanguageWire stands for.

Let's take a deeper look at each of our values and what they mean for you when collaborating with LanguageWire!

We are curious

By being curious, we are committed to constantly innovating for the future and supporting our customers to find the best solutions to their projects. Everyone at LanguageWire lives curiously by looking beyond the obvious, seeking new ways of doing things, exploring different perspectives, and are always eager to learn from experiences. This is evident in our conversations with existing and future customers and also in the way we approach our technology. We are curious about the needs of our customers and seek new ways of improving their experiences with our language management ecosystem by bringing together advanced AI and human expertise like never before.

We are trustworthy

We believe all relationships are based on honesty and responsibility, which is exactly what our value Trustworthy is about. What does this mean exactly? We always deliver on our promises, we take responsibility, never jeopardize the trust we are given, and we dare to admit when we are wrong. This value is so important in our relationships with our customers as it is focused on finding the best solutions for them and ensuring our relationship is based on a common understanding. Our language experts who work with your content come into each project with a quality-first mindset. At LanguageWire, we say what we do and do what we say while being clear and honest in our communication. This provides our customers with a feeling that they can count on us to deliver their content efficiently and securely.

We are caring

Putting others, the planet, and our customers before ourselves is important to each person at LanguageWire. All collaborations, between teams and customers, are filled with respect, inclusivity, compassion, and with a people perspective first. This means that as a customer, you know that at each touchpoint with our team whether it be via email, using our technology or in a meeting, you are valued and respected. We have an empathetic approach to solving any challenge, which for our customers means that we actively listen and collaborate to find the best solutions.

We are ambitious

When it comes to our solutions, growth, and living our purpose being ambitious bold, and visionary is a requirement. Customers can feel confident that our team lives by striving for excellence, never compromising, and encouraging each other to find the best solutions. When it comes to our technology, we challenge the status quo by always staying ahead of the trends and coming up with easier solutions to everyday workflows which has helped us grow to over 3,000 customers that believe in our progressive mindset.

Does working with a company that sets values that support their employees to collaborate in so many ways with their customers sound like something you have been missing? We wire the world together with language for you. See how our language management ecosystem is the right solution for your localization needs.

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