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How to give your content creation workflows
a boost with Generative AI

Creating Content with Generative AI

Verity Hartley at LanguageWireVerity Hartley , Marketing Specialist, LanguageWire ||  Reading Time: 3 minutes

From getting started with research, to helping capture the perfect headline Generative AI can help you boost your productivity by speeding up your creative workflows.

Let's be honest, sometimes the route to crafting a well-written piece of content requires a lot of unseen work. The effort required to get off that blank page can occasionally appear insurmountable.

That's when AI can help. AI is an exceptional means of kindling inspiration. It can quickly pull information together streamlining the creative process and allowing you to jump straight into the good stuff.

Let's look at some of the ways AI can boost your creative process.

Initial Research

At the start of every expert article, you will need to thoroughly research your topic to ensure you have all your facts correct. Generative AI can be the perfect tool for helping you start your research.

Oftentimes, we will start our research online, by browsing through relevant websites, reading studies and analysing reports. As many AI tools have already been trained on vast quantities of internet data, they have a wealth of stored knowledge to draw from. You can use their ability to find and sort through these resources at lightning speeds to find you the exact information you need in a couple of prompts.

The process is not yet perfect however, and still requires human touch. For example, you should always verify how old the training data is for your AI tool to ensure that you are seeing the most relevant information. You should also be careful of taking everything an AI tool presents as the gospel truth as AI can sometimes hallucinate. Hallucinations are when an AI presents false information as a fact. So, a validation round with a human expert is always a benefit if you are not familiar with the topic yourself.

Outlining Your Article

AI tools can be an excellent starting point for getting a solid structure for your written content on the page. With good prompting you can align them to the direction you want your article to go in and let them draw up the foundations.

Once provided with the initial information, the tool can provide you with a full outline of an article, including breaking it into sections with their own subheadings. You can even prompt it to provide some starter content for each section to help you get started.

You can then use or delete each section as you need to help kickstart the framework of your article, saving you from losing time by staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike.

Perfecting Headlines

Generative AI is an expert at crafting headlines for your content or upgrading your current headlines to add an extra snap and hook in your readers.

Your AI tool will have been trained on a large pool of similar data, including articles with powerfully written headlines. It can use this training data to generate a plethora of new headlines in a similar style from which you can find the one with the perfect fit.

You can tweak your prompt to maximise the intensity and character length which is particularly useful if you have a set word limit. You can then ask the AI to produce lots of variants of a similar headline to help you find the one that works best for you.

Or you can just ask it to create lots of different headlines on a topic to see if any sparks creativity and then you can edit it to perfection.

Keyword Analysis

AI loves data. It works on millions of pieces of data from numbers to words and images. So, performing a data-driven task like keyword research is ideal for your generative AI tool.

You can use AI to generate a list of keywords around a topic or phrase which you can then investigate further in your keyword tool for search volume and domain authority.

Some generative AI tools may allow you to connect with your keyword tools via an API, so they can provide this information quickly and in an easy-to-read format like a table.

You can also ask your AI tool to assess an article for phrase usage and get it to summarise keywords which a specific article is attempting to target. This can be useful for competitive analysis when assessing how others are using keywords in their content online.

Streamline Your Content Creation Workflows with Generative AI

When it comes to creating content getting started can always be the hardest part. Generative AI can help speed up your content creation workflow by sparking your inspiration and getting you up and running quicker than ever before.

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